"I am now on the path to recovery from really thoughtless fashion sense.”

Jessica identified and articulated my style and was able to help me better understand how to shop for that style.  I am now on the path to recovery from really thoughtless fashion sense, which plagues most guys.

– Donald R, Managing Director Goldman Sachs

"The Look Book is awesome."

Loving all of my new stuff and having so much fun wearing it all. The Look Book is awesome- I look at it Sunday night for ideas for the week, then I go back in the mornings when I'm just not sure what I want to do!

– Amanda K, Managing Director Morgan Stanley

“The ultimate Lady-Life Hack!!"

What a fabulous few hours!  I didn't know how much I really needed that!  Once you go stylist, you never go back.  Jess, you are a game changer - the ultimate Lady-Life-Hack!!

– Alison B, Model

“She even helped me get over my life-long dislike of shopping.”

Jessica made me appreciate how stylish and confident I can be.  She even helped me get over my life-long dislike of shopping for clothes because she makes it so fun!   

 – Tom L, Managing Director

Jessica is my Fairy Godmother of Fashion. She just has this knack for pulling together pieces that look knock-out stunning, head to toe. Her magic has brought me to another realm of sophistication. Thanks, Jess!

– Samantha S, PhD

“I'm blown away by...your ability to make the process so fun and efficient.”

I'm on cloud nine after that experience!  I am so grateful to you and have been raving about you to my friends!  I am still blown away by your energy and ability to make the process so fun and efficient.  You are AMAZING!!!

     – Esther B, Entrepeneur

“This experience has been above and beyond in every way.”

You are making me exactly what I wanted to be four years ago but didn't have the time or money to pull off then.  This experience has been above and beyond in every way.

     – Callie S, Goldman Sachs

“I think of you every time I dress up.”

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your guidance to build a wardrobe to be ready for any situation has really served me well over the last few years.  I think of you every time I have to dress up for an interview or for a meeting with senior leadership.  Having these basics in my closet has been so useful and allowed me to spend time preparing for the meetings rather than running around trying to figure out what to wear.  It has also increased my confidence in those situations.  It has had a big impact and I am grateful.

– N.M., Senior IT Manager


“Though my closet left much to be desired, you never made me feel that way.”

Thank you for being a consummate professional and a dream to work with. Though my closet left much to be desired, you never made me feel that way, even when we were 'purging' it of some outdated items. You have given me many new ideas and ways in which to wear things - ideas that I never would have thought of on my own! When I got dressed the other night, my husband was floored by my outfit - and as I had bought much of it on our shopping expedition, I only have you to thank. I look forward to many more wardrobe make-overs with you in the coming seasons!

– Emily C, Floral Designer

Take it from a guy who knows next to nothing about fashion, Wardrobe Whisperer will help you do more than clean out your closet - she’ll teach you how to identify which style and fit work for you.
— Tim B, Tax Attorney (Partner)

“She understood MY personal style and raised it up a notch.”

This service has literally changed my life. I no longer waste precious time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear! My closet space is now clean and organized, and my overall image has improved both professionally and socially. Jessica helped me figure out what items needed to go, what was allowed to stay, and what was needed to fill in the gaps - a daunting task without the help of a professional. She understood MY personal style and raised it up a notch. Jessica’s expert advice has saved me hundreds of dollars by creating tons of new outfits from my existing wardrobe and pointing me in the right direction regarding future purchases. I gave piles of clothes away to charity - it feels great knowing that the clothes I haven't touched in years were finally getting put to use and no longer wasting valuable closet space. Jessica was creative and intuitive, and explained why certain clothes and colours suit. It has made such a difference in how I feel about clothes, shopping and myself...I feel better about myself and what I portray to others. Everyone is amazed at the change! This service has given me the confidence to pick the right outfit for the right occasion. A great experience and an ego boost. Enormously helpful!

– Jennifer K, Project Manager

“Everyone who breathes air should do this.”

The Wardrobe Whisperer is an outstanding service for business people as well as fashionistas. I needed a full wardrobe overhaul, and in one day of power shopping I laid the foundation for a new and dramatically improved look. We were in stores before they even opened in the morning, I saved more money through discounts than I spent on the service, and I learned a lot about clothing styles and how to cultivate my own look along the way. Everyone who breathes air should do this.

– Jason D, VP of Product Development


"[Jess] took charge from the first appointment with amazing preparation."

I recently switched jobs to a firm that required business professional dress and I only had one week to fully revamp a closet.  Jessica took all the worry out of what would have been an enormously stressful process.  She took charge from the first appointment with amazing preparation – a variety of suits, shirts, ties, and accessories were already pulled according to my size and with differing styles and color patterns.  She also coordinated all tailoring services and even arranged for shoes to be delivered from a nearby store when we realized that I hadn’t worn the correct suit shoes for the fitting!  Jessica’s strong command of men’s clothing, impeccable sense of style, and firm yet easy-going direction were instrumental in replenishing my wardrobe and convincing me to work outside of my comfort zone.  I will definitely be using Jessica’s services again and can’t recommend her more highly.

– Bill C, Managing Director (Finance)


"Jessica came to the rescue."

Thanks to Wardrobe Whisperer, I no longer dread getting dressed in the morning.  My closet used to be cluttered with worn-out, ill-fitting clothes that didn't seem to go together because I hated shopping even more than I hated dressing. Then Jessica came to the rescue. In one night, she quickly sorted though my closet, convinced me to donate unwearable clothing, showed me how to creatively pair the remaining pieces, and made a detailed shopping list of items that would complete my wardrobe. Despite having bagged up a significant portion of my clothes as Salvation Army bound, I actually had MORE work-appropriate outfits than I did before Jessica arrived on the scene. I never thought that anyone else could shop for me because of my strange body shape, but I decided to give Jessica a shot after she impressed me with her ability to put together work outfits from the slim pickings left in my closet that night. Jess bought me a new wardrobe that reflected my personal style and flattered my figure, and she stayed within the frugal budget that I had given her. Best of all, she introduced me to a new palette of colors that complement my complexion and new cuts that show off my assets and distract from my liabilities. These days, getting dressed in the morning is a pleasure, and I look more polished and professional than ever before.

– Karen D, Government Litigator

I had given up on feeling good about myself, my body, and hoping that I would ever like what I see in the mirror again, until Jessica went shopping with me. She knew just what would work on my body, what fits my personality, and I now feel so chic and put together. I am even going to wear a dress for the first time in 10 years and I feel so sexy in it, I actually started to cry when I looked in the mirror. Thank you, Jess.
— Anne T, Audit Manager

"Recently I priced out Trunk Club against Wardrobe Whisperer...[and Jess] makes me look amazing for less."

Recently I priced out Trunk Club against the Wardrobe Whisperer.  On first blush, the up-front costs seemed to be higher, but it wasn't even close.  Here's the skinny:

  • Jessica comes to your house and spends 4 hours cleaning and organizing your closet, merchandising your clothes, and basically telling you which items are unworthy and which are worthy.

  • Then, she takes all your disposed clothing, itemizes it and gives you a tax receipt. Mine was over $1600, which was almost 3X the cost of our first session. Seriously - no brainer... she made me more than three times what she cost me.

  • She goes with you shopping and makes sure stuff actually flatters you (no guy is qualified to judge if his backside looks good in pants, let's face it).

  • She makes you a book that iterates every possible clothing combo you can make with your wardrobe. Ok this is where I nerd out. If you spend $10,000 on a closet and only wear 20% of the possible combinations, you'd be way ahead of the game to spend that 10K on fewer items of higher quality and wear all the possible combinations. Savvy? It's nerdy I know.

  • ... but the hits keep coming: Of course, Jessica gets massive discounts on the best stores in NYC, and she's up on every amazing sale.

  • The wardrobe you get is uniquely tailored to you, so you actually build a style rather than getting some template style driven by what needs to move out of inventory. Yeah I said it- you know that's what happens.

So putting my analyst cap on, I'll take the personal shopper that basically gives me money on the first session, and makes me look amazing for less.

– Demir G, Founder Life Hack Boot Camp

"What would Jessica say is my new mantra."

You rock! I LOVE my retooled and souped up closet. Thank you so much for making what I had thought an onerous task into a reinvigorating fashion boost! And having photos of your inspirations keeps all the advice fresh. I am now trying to channel you when I dress. "What would Jessica say?" is my new mantra! I will keep your kind, but stern voice in mind. I can't wait for stage 2!

– Lisa B, Personal Chef

"I walked into my closet today and it made me so happy."

Thanks a million for coming over yesterday.  I called my sister right after you left to tell her how awesome it was.  I walked into my closet today and it made me so happy!  I am thrilled with the results and feel like a new person.  It far exceeded anything that I could have imagined...I knew that I needed the wardrobe cleanout to help me identify items that I was holding onto for too long and not making the best use of.  You found ways for me to wear the items that I love the most more often.  Thank you again! 

- Nadine M, R&D Manager

Jessica transformed my mornings— instead of dreading the decisions about what to wear, I now have a go-to look book of ready-made outfits from my own closet. She took me shopping (with substantial discounts at wonderful stores) and then assembled a photo album of pulled together looks that I can choose from each morning. She brings an understanding of both work wear and casual wear. Between eliminating “mistake” purchases and receiving discounts at top retailers, I feel as though the fees paid to the Wardrobe Whisperer have more than paid for themselves.
— Jill H. University administrator

"Jessica has a great sense of fashion as well as an eye for just the right style for different ages and body types."

My oldest child is 13 years old and my wife wanted to update her wardrobe, as she hasn't done any serious clothes shopping since our oldest was born.  Styles have changed considerably in the interim (plus my wife's tastes have changed in 13 years) so we didn't know where to start.  Jessica was amazing and took control of the situation helping my wife think about colors, styles, patterns, and combination of outfits. We showed up at the personal shopping section of a department store and Jessica had already pulled out dozens of pieces for her to try on (skirts, blouses, pants, blazers).  On the rack, many of them didn't look like my wife's style; but once she tried them on they looked amazing.  Jessica has a great sense of fashion as well as an eye for just the right style for different ages and body types.  My wife left the store not only with a lot of fresh, classy, and age appropriate clothes, but also with a sense of how to better combine different pieces and accessories to make a wide number of outfits for any occasion.  My wife had a great time and learned a lot during the session with Jessica. We would recommend Jessica's services for anyone who wants to update their closet and feel good about how they look.  

- Peter J, HR Executive

"At first I was nervous...but at the end I felt so liberated."

Having a closet edit with Jessica was a life changing experience for me. She really helped me to refine my style, be more creative with the way that I put together my outfits, and re-think my shopping strategy. At first I was nervous to part with so many of my clothes, but at the end of the process I felt so liberated. As a result of going through this process, I am finding that I am more confident when I am leaving the house in the morning, mainly because I actually like what is in my closet now, can find things since I have cleaned out the clutter, and am more tuned into what is most flattering for my figure. I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone who is struggling with the chaos in their closets, shopping too much, but yet never has anything to wear, or who is looking for a little self-improvement. It was a great exercise for me, especially during the change in seasons.

– Erin T, Wellness Specialist

"I [now] go to work with confidence and get tons of compliments."

Before Jessica did my closet, I would panic getting dressed for work every morning. Since she's tackled my closet organization, clothes pairing, and personal shopping, I go to work with confidence, and get tons of compliments and attention! She's an image miracle worker!

– Danee V, Photographer


"[Jess] knows exactly what to ask for so you don't waste any time."

Both my wife and I have been getting compliments since our closet cleanse and personal shopping follow-up. Jessica has amazing style in addition to great advice on how to maintain and tailor clothing and shoes you already own. The best part is that you get a well thought out list of items to buy that "fill in the gaps". It really helps increase the usefulness of what you already have which saves you money in the long run. The personal shopping was a lot of fun. We got exceptional service and she knows exactly what to ask for so you don't waste any time. Using both of these services in combination is highly recommended.

– Patrick M, Graphic Designer

I was feeling ambivalent about the items in my closet until Jessica came by and assembled what seemed like a whole new wardrobe out of what I already had in my closet. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve fallen back in love with my current wardrobe and can’t wait to shop with her for the pieces that are missing.
— Monica M, Managing Director

"[Jess] streamlines the shopping process to...get you comfortable with the look you always wanted but didn't quite have the skill or time to pull off."

Jessica does a great job of synthesizing ideas about clothing and fashion into a practical wardrobe.  She streamlines the shopping process to remove the pain and in short order helps you to get comfortable with the look that you always wanted but didn't quite have the skill or time to pull off.

– Craig N, CEO

"...Your fee was easily earned not only in the discounts, but in your incredibly vast knowledge."

I had such an amazing time. I told my husband on the cab ride back that your fee was easily earned not only in the discounts, but in your incredibly vast knowledge.  I'm truly very happy with everything, Jess!

– Mary D, PR Specialist

"I feel so refreshed."

Thank you so much for the wonderful service and the amazing consult. I feel so refreshed and am looking forward to wearing my new clothes. Just yesterday we received one box and it feels like Christmas :-). My first two outfits upon returning to the office included my new jewelry and everyone is commenting (just as you imagined). I personally want to thank you for your kindness and for sharing your fabulous sense of style in such a graceful way with me and my family. I enjoy your warm personality and the great way you keyed into the look that we needed. 

– Pam S, Senior HR Professional

"[Jess} was honest, listened to my needs, and responded by selecting really fabulous pieces for me."

Jessica's passion for fashion is like nothing I've ever encountered.  Shopping with her was a dream. She was honest, listened to my needs and responded by selecting really fabulous pieces for me.  I adore my new wardrobe!

- Joanna S, Interior Designer

Sometimes you have to call in the big guns on a project. Wardrobe Whisperer came to my rescue! Stylist Jessica Cadmus worked her magic with a closet cleanse for me. We got rid of over 50% of my wardrobe! As someone who wrote a book (CLEAR) about clutter and how it affects your life, I knew I needed PRO help with this project. It’s been time for a change for awhile now. I haven’t been happy with my clothes and I wasn’t wearing a lot of what I had. Jessica helped me to sort through my closets and edit that which didn’t suit me or my lifestyle anymore. She also gave me kind feedback on pieces that didn’t accentuate the positive or pieces that looked dated...I’m looking forward to shopping with Jessica for a few select pieces - no need to add 50% back. We can all do with so much less.
— Annick M, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Designer