Business Insider Asks Wardrobe Whisperer

ShatterblueWho among us, man or woman, doesn't have a girl crush?  Mine?  Linette Lopez of Business Insider.  Because she is not only pretty but fearless and just as comfy talking about emerging markets as she is talking about men's summer accessories.  Proof?  Check her running posts on Business Insider. With July 4th around the bend, she and I circled up to discuss men's summer accessories:

As she points out, you only need four.  Grab and go, boys, neither your girl crush nor that beautiful beach wants to be kept waiting!

Oh Mio My

NK_Bill MioTime for a little shameless self-promotion:  READ MY WEEKLY Q&A PIECE ON MARKETSMEDIA.COM!  Wait - was that too much? Since there can be no A without any Qs, last week I posted my personal email address requesting style related queries.  I asked and I received!! (Come to think of it, it was so simple that perhaps I should post a request for babysitting help too??)  I hear you all and want to help!  Therefore I'll address one question below, some directly to you, and others in my column over the next few weeks.  Here goes question number one:

Q:  I have a work conference to attend that will take me pool-side.  I'm not thrilled with the idea of getting into a swimsuit in front of work colleagues but I don't see a way to avoid it.  What is the best full coverage swimsuit for this type of situation?  Did I mention I'm turning 40 and it needs to be age-appropriate?

A:  Bathing suits, booze, swanky hotels - it's like the folks who plan these corporate conferences want you to get into sticky situations.  Could it all be part of some larger social experiment, like The Truman Show?  Either way, unless you feign illness, it sounds like a "if you can't beat them, join them" situation.  Translation: approach the pool with as much tact as possible.  For this, I recommend you enlist the aid of Norma Kamali who has been making genius swimwear for ages.  Witness her Bill Mio two-toned one piece above.  It's equal parts pin-up and demure 30s silhouette.  Pretty and yet full coverage, not to mention that it is universally flattering.  Add a fabulous cover-up and your comfort level will continue to increase. Then quietly order a non-alcoholic drink, secure in the fact that you will not fall prey to the pitfalls of the corporate conference conspiracy.