Mother Nature Trumps the Queen Mother

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 1I saw this photo and immediately wanted to discuss it from many different angles.  First of all, let me say that this royal disembarkation is post-30-hour-plane ride to New Zealand.  Last week we took our kids to Naples, FL which is a 3 hour ride (granted we kicked things off with a 4 hour delay in the Newark Airport!) but suffice it to say, we did not fare this well. Second of all, that is one cute baby.  That baby is the mirror image of Prince William but with a good hairline.

Third of all, that double breasted, red Catherine Walker coat is slaying me.  Please note the perfect fit- hence my adoration for British tailoring.  And hurrah for her brooch!  I am always pinning brooches all over my clients.  They are an underrated accessory in my opinion.

Lastly, much ado has been made about the Queen ordering a universal hem-lengthening to KM's wardrobe.  Therefore, this snapshot makes me giggle doubly because despite the Queen's best efforts, (yes, I heard about how weights have been inserted into the Duchess's hems as well), we are still seeing those beautiful thighs!  I for one salute the wind because this picture charmed the pants off of me even as it was taking the skirt off of Kate.

Mother, May(hem) I?


Readers, meet my new fashion love, "Mayhem" Keiser.  At four years old, she and her paper-dress creations are the things that (my) dreams are made of.  Although she is not allowed to use scissors yet, she directs her mom (who claims she herself is not crafty at all) on how to cut construction paper and other household objects in order to assemble stunning dresses:  the facsimiles of Katy Perry's dress and Lupita Nyong'o's above are stupendous.  But while she often looks to red carpet dresses for inspiration she also creates bona fide originals like these below:

mayhem4mayhem5Dear Mrs. Keiser, please allow me to adopt your daughter.  I take direction very well.  Love, Wardrobe Whisperer

Tis the Season for Giving

  anjOn Friday night, after a tapas dinner with my old and dear friend Anj, I found myself half naked in her bedroom.  Lest you think this a consequence of the sangria we were drinking, allow me to explain.  She was due at a friend's party the following eve and had procrastinated on assembling an outfit.  Even though she ordered several different items, none struck the right note.  A friend in need is a friend indeed as the saying goes and so I invited myself over to assess our options.  I agreed that what was at hand was either too safe, didn't fit properly, or was too office-like.  With less than 24 hours to the event, the only thing left to do was to shed (pun intended) my hot pink python skirt (with sexy side zipper) and foist it upon my friend.  (Take note that I was given a pair of blue gym shorts in return which I wore with my thigh-high black boots with covered buttons up the sides).  As you can see from the above photo, Anj rocked the skirt with aplomb and didn't fail to receive her share of compliments.  As for me and my ride home, I draw upon one of my grandmother's wise sayings:  A long coat hides a multitude of sins.

NFL or NFC (No F*ing Chance)?

NFLOften when I find myself describing to someone what I do as a stylist, an interior light will appear and the person whose acquaintance I'm making will say, "Ah! Like What Not to Wear!"  My typical answer is, "Yes, but without the snarkiness."  Snark never enters my brain when I'm helping a client because they have recognized a need for assistance.  However, gazing at the professionally styled photo above (and all of its sister photos) turned me into Stacy + Clinton on white hot wheels.  What type of woman is this ad trying to target?  More specifically, WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?  When I showed my husband this ad and stated that a "classy" woman (I assume that's who they are appealing to) would never wear one of these jerseys, my husband astutely replied that maybe she would, but not in this context.  Bingo!!  Let us review the NFL's suggestion for sporting their ladies' NFL cap and jersey.  Pair with: 1)  sequined, striped, multi-colored skirt

2)  cream, (could that be tweed ??), pearled blazer

3)  elastic cobalt belt with gold flower-pedal hardware

4)  mini cross-body cobalt bag (why go small in this one area when everywhere else you've gone SO large?)

5)  Mr. T sized gold necklace

6) two enormous (plastic?) black cuffs and a chunky gold watch

When Coco Chanel said that before you go out, you should look in the mirror and remove one accessory she was onto something.  In this case we need to revise that thought to include a heck of a lot more.  The proper (and only) context to wear such a jersey:  classic blue jeans, minimal jewelry.  And only to a game.  Enough said.

Stop the Crop + CFDA Awards 2013

hailee cfda

I know I'm supposed to be reporting on last night's CFDA Awards (Congratulations Proenza Schouler, Thom Browne, and 3.1 Phillip Lim!) but there is rarely a time that I do what I'm supposed to do.  Instead, I'd like to take a moment to ponder this crop-top trend.  Actually, you can ponder it.  I've already decided I hate it.  Conjoining "boxy" with "short" has never really held appeal for me.  Not in the '90s, not now and I venture to say not ever.  So it pains me to see the image of darling starlets being sullied by this horrid trend.  The end.

Hey, NY Fashion Week, I'm still enjoying Fall 2012!

chloeAs you are blissfully aware, Fashion Nation, it is currently the second day of NY Fashion Week (welcome back, old friend!).  While perusing tons of Fall 2013 looks this morning I found myself rewinding to Fall 2012 to order the above Chloe boots for 3 different clients  (40% off anyone?!).  And guess what??   I realized I'm still not over Fall 2012 looks!!  These boots continue to slay me and at less than $1000, who is going to blame me for my hesitancy to move on?  To that I say, in with the old AND in with the new!

Side note, Gents: these babies have a redish hue which is perfection for Valentine's Day.  Yes, check your calendars.  It is next Thursday.  You're welcome.

Shear Thing

Is it possible that our neighbors to the north are trying to best us fashion-wise by primping (pimping?) their pets?  Exhibit A:  this monkey was found in an IKEA in Toronto wearing a shearling coat and a diaper (twill pants in a plum hue would have been a nice addition).  This discovery was a source of contention amongst many Canadians but clearly this little guy is living a life of luxury.  It's not like he was found in squalor, left for dead.  He's likely dining on organic roots and knocking those back with Evian.  Why begrudge him his station in life?

Royal Pain

Of all the things I'd like to have in common with a princess (ok - Duchess), a debilitating condition would not be one.  And yet that is the tie that binds.  By now, people around the globe are familiar with the term Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  It is what Kate (formerly Middleton) is currently suffering from and what I endured for the entirety of both of my pregnancies.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy yet I must admit that I hope research dollars materialize as a product of her undergoing this trauma.

That was a dark intro for Wardrobe Whisperer and so onto the other tie (hello, levity!) that binds us:  FASHION!  The one upside of following Kate's pregnancy is that folks are speculating on what designers the Duchess will flaunt whilst preggers.  During my two turns up at bat, I stocked up on all things Isabella Oliver who, like the Duchess, is a chic Brit.  My prediction, therefore, is that I.O. will be a go-to designer for Kate.  That is, if she is able to be up and about (unlike myself).  I'd particularly like to see her in this dress (with hair in a chignon) so I'm offering up prayers and good wishes that her condition does not last all 9 months!

Balls of Steel

I know I’ve mentioned in a previous post that the reason I started to play tennis was because I wanted a legitimate reason to buy the dresses. Impractical? I’ve been called worse. A lot worse. It thrills me therefore to know that I am in good company regarding my approach to the game. Thanks to Vogue, 11 designers were commissioned to create (highly impractical) tennis balls in honor of the US Open. One of my favorites (pictured above) is by jewelry designer, Eddie Borgo. I will spare you the obvious tennis puns using “points” to mean “spikes” and allow you instead to view the rest of the chimerical collection here.

Freaky Friday

We don't like to brag [insert roaring laughter here] but we were a bit prophetic about Hailee Steinfeld rocking this gorgeous Miu Miu dress worn in Vogue by model Lara Stone.  Ok ok, but she IS the face of Miu Miu you may say, so it would stand to reason that she might don this in their ad campaign.  And to that we kindly ask you to keep your comments to yourself and allow us to gloat as if we birthed this idea ourselves.  Moving forward - while I think this look could be interpreted as a tad adult for a 14 year old, Hailee's ability to transcend time makes this pairing believable at the same time that the birdies make this dress youthful and fun.  Although we can't see the shoes, I'm hoping they styled her with the gold sparklers from the first shot in this slideshow.

WW Photos Featured on REISS Website

Before you become inundated with everyone's coverage of Fashion Week, we'd like to direct your attention to our Guest Styling spot on REISS's website.  TA-DAH!!!  We are still swooning over the clothes and plan to wear the red and cream look tomorrow for FNO (how will we keep from twirling all over the store??).  Please note that we will be mindful of all subway grates.


Like sardines and pudding or break-away-pants and good-taste, two things I never thought I'd see packaged together are Karl Lagerfeld and Macy's.  Yet, see them I am!  And so shall you.  Thanks to The Cut we can behold Mr Lagerfeld's exclusive collection for the world's largest department store.  The line hasn't launched yet so I've not viewed the pieces live (or, more importantly, felt them) but it's rumored that nothing is priced above $70.  The compromise, of course, will be fabric quality (and likely construction) but if you can deal with synthetic fabrics, then cheers to some pretty fetching pieces like the ultra-feminine dress pictured above.  Pair with bright pumps and a statement ring and you're all set for a first date!

Rue Do You Love?

Wardrobe Whisperer and Rue La La have teamed up to treat fashion lovers to a unique NYC experience (my Fashion Crawl is up in lights!).  From 8am today until 8am tomorrow, Rue Local Picks is featuring "Shop Like A VIP with Wardrobe Whisperer."  The skinny:  one outing, 3 boutiques (the stellar line-up includes Catherine Malandrino, Elie Tahari, Reiss, Hugo Boss, Earnest Sewn, Sportmax, Gabriela de la Vega, Thistle & Clover, and more), lots of champagne and snacks, gift bags, exclusive discounts up to 30%, and...wait for it...styling by yours truly!  All at a discount.  Only for a short time.  For members only.

Stone Cold Fox (correction...mink)

Lara Stone has been having a moment (thankfully MANY moments) for quite some time now.  She manages to mesmerize me in any outfit but in this luscious Miu Miu embroidered dress with mink shoulder detail she is absolutely slaying me.  I am in awe over the sumptuous detailing of this dress - from the gathered waist, to the gold birds in flight, to the lush dolman-like mink sleeves.  This is my favorite dress of the year to date.  It's dreamy and romantic and modern and rich while remaining wearable and not exclusively runway.  Dear Hailee Steinfeld (AKA Current Face of Miu Miu) please exercise your right of first refusal and wear this piece to an event ASAP.

Wu Do You Love

I know, I've been on a shoe kick lately (for once no pun intended).  But what was I to do in the face/sole of these "Dovima" pumps from Jason Wu's first accessories collection?  Surrender to the delicate genius, of course!  Behold the seemingly disparate elements (wooden platform, gray "wolf fish" and black lambskin) and how well they work together to create an incredibly versatile shoe.  For some, the challenge will be walking in 5" heels, for others it will be waiting until month's end when the collection debuts.  Wu Wu!

Red (Soled) China

The most convincing evidence to date that China is taking over the world is the fact that free standing Christian Louboutin boutiques are set to open there later this year.   In a partnership with Pedder Group, the French luxury brand will expand its market beyond Hong Kong and South East Asia to Beijing and Shanghai.  Not only will China have the most human feet per square foot, said feet will be incredibly well shod.

Chip on Your Shoulder

Calling all you who've ever wanted to drive a motorcycle (in a gang of course), become an expert marks(wo)man, or race a sports car around the streets of Monte Carlo.  Whether you really are a bad-ass or just want to look like one, this Burberry Studded-Shoulder Trench will get you there.  Made of super soft leather and adorned with don't-mess-with-me studs this coat strikes the right balance between look-at-me and but-not-for-too-long (or else I'll brake your legs).


I feel all the delight of announcing a K-Mart blue light special when I tell you that Barneys NY Warehouse Sale is going on right now through March 6!  As always it's being held at 255 West 17th Street b/w 7th and 8th Avenues.  (Oh for the days of working on 16th b/w 5th and 6th, a stone's throw away!)   Get ready to feel like you're competing in a reality show survival contest - hoarding resources, tricking your fellow shoppers (LOOK!  THERE'S BRAD PITT!) so you can nab the best dress, abandoning all modesty and changing in the aisles.  Do what you must but DO NOT allow 75% off tags to slip between your fingers (do you think resin would work?!).