Who Should Rock It: Fall Couture Week 2018-19

One of the hallmarks of a good friendship is that no matter how long you've been out of touch, you can spark up a conversation and it will feel as if no time has passed.  On that note, HELLO GOOD FRIENDS, it's Friday and it's raining and it's Fall Couture Week so let's play a quick game of Who Should Rock It. First up this lemony dream above by Ralph and Russo.  I nominate Zendaya.  

Ralph and Russo's entire collection was extremely strong (as usual); And whereas I think this garnet beauty would wrinkle the second you looked at it, I still adore it and feel Saoirse Ronan would be resplendent in it.


This sparkler (a third Ralph and Russo) looks very Naomi Watts to me. This is what Cinderella would wear if she was conceived of in 2018.


Last Ralph and Russo, I promise. I'd like to drop the cape from this one and toss it on Margot Robbie.


Zuhair Murad seemed to derive a lot of inspiration from the Heavenly Bodies Met Gala theme. I'd LOVE to drape this upon Jessica Chastain. For my money, I'll always take a red-head in peacock blue.


This second Zuhair Murad is both elegant and odd and it would work perfectly on Cate Blanchett.

Speaking of odd and elegant, let's look at a few from Iris Van Herpen...


It's like a spider being electrocuted and I am enamored. Obviously, though, it requires a lot of chutzpah to wear. Thandie Newton could own it.

One more for good luck.  Let's do a wild card - again from Iris Van Herpen...


If I were permitted, I'd style Nicole Kidman's hair in long loose waves and put her in this bizarrely beautiful gown.  She's terrific in green and it would be refreshing to see her in something so modern and playful.


Who Should Rock It: Jason Wu

SS17 JASON WU In the immortal words of The Bangles, it's just another manic Monday.  I've lived three lives since 6am and have little energy remaining for the rest of the 96 things on today's To Do list.  All of this running around and catching up has got me craving a few things:

  1. Coffee (which may or may not include a healthy shot of Kahlua)
  2. A closet stuffed with all of the pieces I've fallen in love with from NY Fashion Week (yes, I am STILL reviewing the shows I missed)
  3. A break

Naturally I'll begin with number three because it's common knowledge that procrastination solves everything!  Let's play Who Should Rock It sampling from the Jason Wu Spring 2017 Ready to Wear collection.  First up is the above.  It's my A1 favorite from this collection.  This mix of colors is astounding!  I nominate Cate Blanchett to wear this because it is fun and colorful and modern - as is her style.


SS17 JASON WUThis look requires long legs and great shoulders.  A sinewy beauty like Amal Clooney would stun in this.  I can see her carrying a tote and a cardi and sashaying into the office.


SS17 JASON WUI could see Diane Kruger in this one.  Probably because I already saw Diane Kruger in this one:

Saks Fifth Avenue + Vanity Fair: 2016 International Best Dressed List CelebrationSide note: you only throw your hip out like that if something isn't quite snug enough in the torso.  I want to correct that fit issue and also shorten this a tad.  Oh - and style it with the bright orange and white two-piece sandals Wu had in his show.


SS17 JASON WUThis model's skin looks translucent against this gorgeous yellow.  Gabrielle Union would be my pick to do this color justice.  However, I would caution her against omitting undergarments as was the choice here.  I feel like I am looking straight through to her soul.


NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SS2017This one is so sleek but with such a light-hearted playfulness.  Emily Blunt?  Constance Zimmer??  Thoughts?

Who Should Rock It: Jenny Packham F/W 2016

JPFW_LupitaIt's New York Fashion Week and I'm drunk as a sailor on all of the collections.  And on gin cocktails - but that's another matter!  However, full transparency:  Live Stream has never been more attractive or useful than over the last few days.  I saw a meme which pretty much sums up my feelings about venturing out:  The air hurts my face.  Why do I live in a place where the AIR hurts my face? Thank goodness the air does not need to come between us and our love for fashion! Right now I'm obsessing online over the Jenny Packham show and I'm feeling quite like a game of Who Should Rock It.  Care to join me?

The above would be spectacular on Lupita: the color, the twirl-factor, and the plunging V have all become her trademarks.  She'd be divine in this flowing beauty.


JPFWDiane Kruger would own this piece.  The blue would highlight her eyes and compliment her hair and the fringe sequins would be magical as she moved.  Girl knows how to wear a dress.


JP3Brie Larson's curves would do this dress the favors it requires.  Translation: that neckline demands cleavage, not a bird cage.


JP4Taraji P Henson!  Paging Taraji P Henson!


JP5Dakota Johnson could do her red lip + red dress formula with this piece.  It's become her special brand of success on the carpet.

Thoughts, dear readers?


Who Should Rock It: Marchesa S/S 2016

marchesa_ss2015_1I feel like I'm 90 years old reminiscing on days of yore.  NY Fashion Week was WEEKS ago and by golly, we're already in Milan.  But it's Monday and I feel like playing a game and the best games in my estimation are not quaits or bocce.  They are, of course, games of fashion.  So let's look at the Marchesa Spring/Summer 2016 show and nominate celebs to wear the gowns for a round of  "Who Should Rock It?" Your input makes this all the more fun for me! First up (above) - there is a lot of competing interests in this dress but somehow it still works.  I'd throw this gown on RiRi and watch everyone swoon.


marchesa_ss2015_6This dark dreamy gown was my favorite of the lot.  I feel it demands a brooding presence.  Kate Mara's fashion trajectory would beam upward if she trotted out in this.


marchesa_ss2015_4There is simply too much gold and sparkle on this dress for someone NOT to wear it to a major red carpet event.  I'd put Kerry Washington in this number and pump her tiny frame up with sky high heels so you wouldn't lose much length.


marchesa_ss2015_7I'm not 100% convinced that the bodice of this dress is perfect but the skirt is so good I simply don't care.  Because I always want Selena Gomez to cover up a little bit more and because I think these colors would be brilliant on her, I assign her this piece.  And, no, she may NOT cut this to become a super mini.


marchesa_ss2015_3If Emma Stone got a hold of this one, she wouldn't even need a major event.  I feel like she'd sport this to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  She has THAT much style.


marchesa_ss2015_5Can we make the bodice feathers all white and send someone down the aisle in this one??  Calling all US Weekly readers - who is getting married?  Grace Gealey? Nicki Minaj?  Sarah Greene??  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Who Should Rock It: Naeem Khan Fall 2015

In honor of all the Fashion Week runway shows from New York to Istanbul, I've created a game called Who Should Rock It.  As the title suggests, I choose a designer's collection and nominate famous candidates to wear some of the pieces.  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on Facebook! Here's a peek at what my stylist mind was thinking when I viewed the Naaem Khan Fall 2015 show...

naeem-khan01Dakota Johnson

naeem-khan05Tilda Swinton

naeem-khan08Rosamund Pike

naeem-khan12Lupita Nyong'O

naeem-khan13EMMA STONE!

naeem-khan27Nicki Minaj


naeem-khan42Angelina Jolie