I'm sorry: I went to see Is Fashion Modern

I have a confession to make: I went to the Is Fashion Modern exhibit at the MoMa without you.  I know I know I know!!  You wanted to go.  In my defense, it was a last minute thing and I found myself in midtown and I meant to just run through and return another time with you, but then I found myself anchored in front of each piece unable to move.

Another confession:  THE EXHIBIT IS EXQUISITE!  It's so very good that I had to overcome my shame in going without you and bring myself to confess because even if you don't forgive me, the more important thing is that you GO TO THE EXHIBIT!  It explores everything from the idea of the Little Black Dress - an ancient go-to as it turns out (above) to technological accessories like the Walkman.  The latter was particularly fascinating because it explored the piece as a tool used to defend the wearer against public interaction which is called Existenzmaximum.  Triple points for an exhibit that makes me feel prepared to play Trivial Pursuit!

Also of note - I came face to outerwear (?) with the original sleeping-bag-coat as designed by one of my fashion heroines, Norma Kamali.  For me, this was like being in front of the Mona Lisa sans glass shield.  Ta-Da!:

The excerpt near this piece was especially delightful because it is a recount by Norma of the time she went camping and had to get up to go pee in the middle of the night; As she was running into the woods with her sleeping bag wrapped around her for warmth, she thought to herself I need to sew arms into this thing! Lo and behold, she did just that, and to her great notoriety.

Another enduring image below.  This look by YSL is just as relevant today as it was in the 70s:

I sense I am now in the territory of committing yet another crime - that of spoiler alert.  Therefore, I will quit revealing tidbits post-haste.

Ok - stop being mad already and just go see this gem.  It's running through January 28th.  And, as an added bonus, you can stop by the exceptionally moving Louise Bourgeois exhibit also running through January 28th.  Here's but one amazing image of her famous spiders to entice you...

Bottega Veneta and the Art of Glam

The other day my bestie texted to say how much she's been hating fashion ads lately but that she both LOVES this Bottega Veneta ad as well as the outfit it features on Grace P Cheng.  I am in whole-hearted agreement.  That which I love here:

  1.  The fact that Bottega Veneta's F/W 2017 collection is overtly and unabashedly feminine
  2.  The subtle but powerful use of texture (the brocade bag, the fur-shouldered blouse, the accordion pleat skirt, the whip-stitch gloves, the chained pin)
  3.  The completely current color combination of black and gold and cognac
  4. Grace Cheng's FACE.  And hair.  And attitude.  And general awesomeness.

Bottega Veneta has been killing it lately by embracing cold-hard glamour.  Last night they sponsored the Hammer Gala and rolled out these ultra-glam A+ looks:

A few things a stylist "buys" on a Monday

I'd rather swim all day in a heavily chlorinated pool with my eyes and mouth wide open than to sit for an hour in Starbucks.  I'm not sure what lies within the fumes of their coffee but each and every time I go there I stagger out nauseated and in need of fresh air. It's the closest spot with free WiFi and has outlets galore, though, and so there is no end in sight to my suffering. That intro has nothing to do with actual fashion, only my efforts to write about fashion. Which, in this environment have been seriously hampered.  So allow me not to tax my brain (or airways) further.  Let's just look at the items that I helped people buy today.  It's much more fun (and less toxic):

Shopping STAT

temperley_long_arazzi_strappy_dress_red_mix_aI've seen a lot of statistics associated with Blizzard Jonas and its record snowfall but the stat I'd most like to see is the average online shopping total over the duration of the storm.  I myself acted like there was no other link to the outside world than through pretty dresses which suddenly, critically had to be mine.  Apparently I was not alone because I answered text after text from clients hunting their fashion prey. Delightedly I advised many, MANY purchases as the sky fell down.  So let's take a look at but a few of my favorites starting with the gorgeous Arazzi maxi dress by Temperley London (above).  She wins high honor as my most beloved storm time recommendation. skirtThis mini stunner, also by Temperley, warmed the cockles of my heart as well.

TO Boot chelseaIt was no surprise that boys had boots on the brain.  One of my male clients was searching for the perfect spare brown Chelsea.  I directed him to this superior model, The Anderson, from To Boot.

darotaWomen were also into buying boots (are we ever NOT into buying boots you may rightfully ask) and these Darota booties by Kate Spade will be perfect for after the snow begins to melt.

leaf dressI could go on and on (much like the storm itself) but will wrap with this lovely Leaf Dress by Reiss.  I've been sweating this embellished beauty for an eternity and it's on super sale now!

For those of you feeling brave, share your online shopping total and I'll do an update to this post (unattributed of course) so that all of us who shopped copiously during the storm will know that we were in good company.

Royal Pain

Of all the things I'd like to have in common with a princess (ok - Duchess), a debilitating condition would not be one.  And yet that is the tie that binds.  By now, people around the globe are familiar with the term Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  It is what Kate (formerly Middleton) is currently suffering from and what I endured for the entirety of both of my pregnancies.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy yet I must admit that I hope research dollars materialize as a product of her undergoing this trauma.

That was a dark intro for Wardrobe Whisperer and so onto the other tie (hello, levity!) that binds us:  FASHION!  The one upside of following Kate's pregnancy is that folks are speculating on what designers the Duchess will flaunt whilst preggers.  During my two turns up at bat, I stocked up on all things Isabella Oliver who, like the Duchess, is a chic Brit.  My prediction, therefore, is that I.O. will be a go-to designer for Kate.  That is, if she is able to be up and about (unlike myself).  I'd particularly like to see her in this dress (with hair in a chignon) so I'm offering up prayers and good wishes that her condition does not last all 9 months!