Who Should Rock It: Fall Couture Week 2018-19

One of the hallmarks of a good friendship is that no matter how long you've been out of touch, you can spark up a conversation and it will feel as if no time has passed.  On that note, HELLO GOOD FRIENDS, it's Friday and it's raining and it's Fall Couture Week so let's play a quick game of Who Should Rock It. First up this lemony dream above by Ralph and Russo.  I nominate Zendaya.  

Ralph and Russo's entire collection was extremely strong (as usual); And whereas I think this garnet beauty would wrinkle the second you looked at it, I still adore it and feel Saoirse Ronan would be resplendent in it.


This sparkler (a third Ralph and Russo) looks very Naomi Watts to me. This is what Cinderella would wear if she was conceived of in 2018.


Last Ralph and Russo, I promise. I'd like to drop the cape from this one and toss it on Margot Robbie.


Zuhair Murad seemed to derive a lot of inspiration from the Heavenly Bodies Met Gala theme. I'd LOVE to drape this upon Jessica Chastain. For my money, I'll always take a red-head in peacock blue.


This second Zuhair Murad is both elegant and odd and it would work perfectly on Cate Blanchett.

Speaking of odd and elegant, let's look at a few from Iris Van Herpen...


It's like a spider being electrocuted and I am enamored. Obviously, though, it requires a lot of chutzpah to wear. Thandie Newton could own it.

One more for good luck.  Let's do a wild card - again from Iris Van Herpen...


If I were permitted, I'd style Nicole Kidman's hair in long loose waves and put her in this bizarrely beautiful gown.  She's terrific in green and it would be refreshing to see her in something so modern and playful.


Wardrobe Whisperer Reviews NYFW: Spring 2018

It's NY Fashion Week PLUS there are about twenty million other red carpet events happening concurrently.  I am seeing runway shows in my sleep.  Steam is coming out of my ears because my brain is churning so hard.  Luckily my internal CPU is powered by red wine and I am happy to report that there's no shortage of that around here.

For the sake of efficiency I'm going to synthesize NYFW Spring 2018 Ready to Wear (to date) by plucking out a few of my favorite looks and putting them forward haphazardly. For instance, cast your gaze upward at Gigi Hadid in Tom Ford.  This is what the future looks like in my head: modern yet distinctly feminine.  The draping on this piece is exquisite.  Onward:


Reem Acra had a strong showing. It pained me to have to choose one look so let's consider this gown a representation of all that was glorious in this collection.  And there was much glory indeed.  Head over to Vogue.com to see the full slideshow.


Somewhere deep in the heart of every girl is the desire to wear this exact Carolina Herrera dress during the day and this one in the evening:


Side note: Apparently my version of NY Fashion Week is mostly about gowns.  I'm okay with that view.  Clearly:


This reminds me of when you order a hand-shaved ice and they pour the cherry syrup on top and you salivate as you watch it spread across your chilled treat.  And, yes, I'd like to wear said chilled treat in the form of this Oscar de la Renta confection.



I want to pick her up and twirl her around.  Then I went to wrestle her to the floor and steal her Rosie Assouline frock.

The J Mendel show was DELICIOUS:

And it also included tons of fur accents.  At this juncture I am going to press a finger to my own lips indicating I should speak no more and simply allow J Mendel's tremendous looks to communicate...



Lily-Rose Depp Visually Mic-Drops in Chanel

The magnitude of these ruffles!! I suppose when you are born to this:

the odds of you being unattractive are extremely slim.  But given all of her inherent advantages in life, need Lily-Rose Depp have been created quite this flawlessly:

You could julienne vegetables with those cheek bones!

Could she not have one merciful imperfection from which the rest of us could take comfort? The answer, clearly, is no.  Not only the unbelievably good genes and the famous/rich parents but today she got to wear the gown in which I regularly float in my dreams to CLOSE THE CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE SHOW (see lead photo).   I'm sure you gleaned from my excessive use of capitals that the most heralded position in a show's line up is the close. She is only 17.  Is it possible that she has figured out how to channel all of the magic left in the universe directly to her house?  Regardless, let us marvel at the back of this gown and enjoy the proportions of vast ruffles juxtaposed with the tiniest conceivable waist:

Which leads me to my only criticism of this look and it is not of her but rather of the fit of this piece on her.  She is so incredibly tiny that the thick satin belt appeared to orbit her waist like a star to the sun. But I have a solution for this and it's called a milkshake.  Problem solved.

Who Should Rock It: Jason Wu

SS17 JASON WU In the immortal words of The Bangles, it's just another manic Monday.  I've lived three lives since 6am and have little energy remaining for the rest of the 96 things on today's To Do list.  All of this running around and catching up has got me craving a few things:

  1. Coffee (which may or may not include a healthy shot of Kahlua)
  2. A closet stuffed with all of the pieces I've fallen in love with from NY Fashion Week (yes, I am STILL reviewing the shows I missed)
  3. A break

Naturally I'll begin with number three because it's common knowledge that procrastination solves everything!  Let's play Who Should Rock It sampling from the Jason Wu Spring 2017 Ready to Wear collection.  First up is the above.  It's my A1 favorite from this collection.  This mix of colors is astounding!  I nominate Cate Blanchett to wear this because it is fun and colorful and modern - as is her style.


SS17 JASON WUThis look requires long legs and great shoulders.  A sinewy beauty like Amal Clooney would stun in this.  I can see her carrying a tote and a cardi and sashaying into the office.


SS17 JASON WUI could see Diane Kruger in this one.  Probably because I already saw Diane Kruger in this one:

Saks Fifth Avenue + Vanity Fair: 2016 International Best Dressed List CelebrationSide note: you only throw your hip out like that if something isn't quite snug enough in the torso.  I want to correct that fit issue and also shorten this a tad.  Oh - and style it with the bright orange and white two-piece sandals Wu had in his show.


SS17 JASON WUThis model's skin looks translucent against this gorgeous yellow.  Gabrielle Union would be my pick to do this color justice.  However, I would caution her against omitting undergarments as was the choice here.  I feel like I am looking straight through to her soul.


NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SS2017This one is so sleek but with such a light-hearted playfulness.  Emily Blunt?  Constance Zimmer??  Thoughts?

New York Fashion Week: Hugo Boss

That accordion pleat dress shall be mine If a person has lived in New York for 10+ years it's hard to get them excited about, well, almost anything.  That is because, of course, they've been exposed to so much.  (As a side note, exposure can be good or bad - I'm talking about you, sir, from the uptown E train demonstrating your own version of break-away pants).  The one thing, however, that never fails to elicit a positive response from most New Yorkers, regardless of their level of jaded-ness, are the words: FASHION SHOW.

Fashion shows given by the actual fashion houses (i.e. vs charity related shows or shows given by department stores, etc) are pretty exclusive and their tickets are extremely difficult to procure - mainly because the shows are invitation only. Entree into almost every other event in NY can be bought at some price - this is generally not so with fashion shows unless someone goes rogue and sells their personal tickets.  I would never sell mine as I not only obsess over fashion but enjoy being the envy of others!  Plus, it's fun amassing weird and interesting invitations such as this one from Hugo Boss:

These virtual reality glasses reminded me of the 3D glasses I got to see JAWS in 1983

Another reason I'd never sell my tickets is that even though the actual show lasts for less than ten minutes (watch yesterday's Boss show here), the event itself can take about an hour if you want to get there on time (GASP!) and celeb-watch as I shamelessly did.  Witness:


Last, but certainly not least, fashion shows are an excuse to get as fashiony as you want.  I have been hoarding a spectacular Catherine Malandrino ice blue dress with the most incredible print for ages and decided to employ it yesterday:


The moral of this story is, of course, that you should incite envy whenever/however possible and if you can't get tickets to a fashion show then you have no choice but to continue reading my blog for tips on how to create a lust-worthy wardrobe.


WW Prediction: Oscar Will Not Make It to the Oscars

oscar1This outfit brings to mind a favorite saying of my grandmother's which I will tailor for my own purposes:  Oscar de la Renta must be "turning over in his grave" right now.  With the exclusion of that luscious little fur collar, this outfit from the Fall 2016 collection that just debuted at NY Fashion Week is an ill-fitting and mismatched atrocity.  And, unfortunately, it was not alone in its egregiousness:  

Oscar WhoOscar Who??


oscar whatOscar What?? I feel like Peter Copping will be made to pay for this in his next life.

Having expressed my general dismay over the collection, I AM extremely keen on shimmying into this look:

oscar 2

Oh! And even though I insulted you and everything you stand for, Peter, would it be possible to send this look too, please:

oscar 3Thank you.


Who Should Rock It: Marchesa S/S 2016

marchesa_ss2015_1I feel like I'm 90 years old reminiscing on days of yore.  NY Fashion Week was WEEKS ago and by golly, we're already in Milan.  But it's Monday and I feel like playing a game and the best games in my estimation are not quaits or bocce.  They are, of course, games of fashion.  So let's look at the Marchesa Spring/Summer 2016 show and nominate celebs to wear the gowns for a round of  "Who Should Rock It?" Your input makes this all the more fun for me! First up (above) - there is a lot of competing interests in this dress but somehow it still works.  I'd throw this gown on RiRi and watch everyone swoon.


marchesa_ss2015_6This dark dreamy gown was my favorite of the lot.  I feel it demands a brooding presence.  Kate Mara's fashion trajectory would beam upward if she trotted out in this.


marchesa_ss2015_4There is simply too much gold and sparkle on this dress for someone NOT to wear it to a major red carpet event.  I'd put Kerry Washington in this number and pump her tiny frame up with sky high heels so you wouldn't lose much length.


marchesa_ss2015_7I'm not 100% convinced that the bodice of this dress is perfect but the skirt is so good I simply don't care.  Because I always want Selena Gomez to cover up a little bit more and because I think these colors would be brilliant on her, I assign her this piece.  And, no, she may NOT cut this to become a super mini.


marchesa_ss2015_3If Emma Stone got a hold of this one, she wouldn't even need a major event.  I feel like she'd sport this to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  She has THAT much style.


marchesa_ss2015_5Can we make the bodice feathers all white and send someone down the aisle in this one??  Calling all US Weekly readers - who is getting married?  Grace Gealey? Nicki Minaj?  Sarah Greene??  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Fashion Week: Elie Tahari Spring 2016

Pat ClevelandNew York on a normal day is a humbling place to view your own reflection.  During Fashion Week it gets so intense that I catch myself avoiding otherwise innocuous things like subway windows and the reflective exteriors of certain buildings.  NY becomes the mecca for fresh faced beauties and if you are no longer 18, you feel woefully ancient.  And yet yesterday during the Elie Tahari presentation I found myself completely captivated by the legendary Pat Cleveland.  She was easily three times the age of the other models who walked in the show yet she OWNED that room.  I'm still not sure how she did it, because the place was packed, but she managed to smile directly into every camera including all the cell phones being shoved in her face (witness my wink above).  She was luminous!! Pat's fellow 70s era top model, Beverly Johnson, attended the show and was the other bright star that the masses were orbiting around.  Witness:

Beverly Johnson(This woman is 62?!?)  My delight is evident!

These women and their gravity were blowing my mind.  It reminded me of how I felt when Annie Lennox performed with Hozier at the Grammy's last year and blew the roof off the place with her fearlessness.  Young ones, step back.  Go 60s age bracket, GO!!  I am feeling amazingly optimistic about the future thanks to these beauties.

And now for some bonus photos:

Elie 1

Elie 3

Elie 4                    Cheers to gorgeous women of all ages and to NY Fashion Week!


Who Should Rock It: Naeem Khan Fall 2015

In honor of all the Fashion Week runway shows from New York to Istanbul, I've created a game called Who Should Rock It.  As the title suggests, I choose a designer's collection and nominate famous candidates to wear some of the pieces.  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on Facebook! Here's a peek at what my stylist mind was thinking when I viewed the Naaem Khan Fall 2015 show...

naeem-khan01Dakota Johnson

naeem-khan05Tilda Swinton

naeem-khan08Rosamund Pike

naeem-khan12Lupita Nyong'O

naeem-khan13EMMA STONE!

naeem-khan27Nicki Minaj


naeem-khan42Angelina Jolie

NY Fashion Week F/W 2015: A Play-At-Home Game

Tracy Reese 2015My husband and his best friend, Rob, are long-time friends with the Impractical Jokers.  Recently we all went to see their live show, which in addition to being hysterical, gave me two great ideas.  One:  I need to style the Jokers.   Two:  Maybe the Jokers would bring to life a game that I like to play during New York Fashion Week (happening right now!)  called:  Club, Snub, or Grub.  Basically, how far would I go to attain a runway piece I have fallen in love with:  Would I club someone?  Snub someone?  Grub something gross?  Let's play!  I adore the poppy and black coat by Tracy Reese pictured above.  For it to be mine, I think I'd show up at a friend's birthday party, toss my coat in her face, drink all her booze, and leave without saying thank you or good-bye.  Yes, THE SNUB.  (The next day I'd send apology flowers and explain it was all a charade to get this coat, and she would understand, but that isn't really part of this game.)  

Altuzarra 2015 For the Altuzarra sweater and frilled-pocket skirt above, I think I'd join my friend, Robert Sietsema, for a meeting of the Organ Meat Society of which he is a long time member.  The only apologies necessary would be to my own stomach but that pain would certainly be soothed as soon as I donned this outfit.  A classic example of THE GRUB.


Jason Wu 2015Watch your backs, dear readers, because I might be convinced to take a marble rolling pin to any one of you in order to attain even the least of the looks that Jason Wu just sent down the runway.  I am particularly bewitched by the above use of this sumptuous fur stole but want it in every incarnation (witness another beguiling use below).  Beware, then, of THE CLUB.

Jason Wu 2 2015

And there you have it, folks:  Club, Snub, or Grub.  You can play for the remainder of NY Fashion Week!  Let me know what you'd do for your favorite pieces or, better yet, I'll just hunker down for your sneak attack!

NY Fashion Week: Spring 2015

rebeccataylor2015springTo some, Christmas or their birthday represents the most magical time of the year.  For me, this time is NY Fashion Week.  I am typically drunk on fashion (and sometimes that's not all!) the entire time and I get to close each day dreaming of the release of my favorite collections.  Not to mention I sometimes get to meet fashion heroes! During NYFW I always pay special attention to the shows whose clothes I use most often for my clients, like Rebecca Taylor for instance.  And she knocked it out of the park on Saturday with her Spring 2015 collection.  It represents all things I personally love:  color, whimsy, femininity!  The clothes look infinitely wearable while still being tailored and elegant.  I loved almost every look (I am turning a blind eye to you, yellow over-bra).

The thing I love about the brand, in general, is that it almost universally suits the needs/wants of my female clients.  More specifically, every time I shop RT with a client, she walks out with at least one piece.  (And I usually return a few hours later and walk out with 3-4 pieces for myself!)  I've had a chance to work with the brand quite closely over the last few years and love to see the clothing continue to evolve; particularly because this means my wardrobe continues to evolve.  And on that note, let's toast to acquiring the look featured above as well as perhaps one or two more looks.  Cheers, Fashion Week!  And cheers, Rebecca Taylor, to a job very well done!

NY Fashion Week: What to Wear & How to Get Around

dezma dressIt's NY Fashion Week and to keep the excitement going around the clock I'm reading the memoir, Grace, by one of my fashion idols, Grace Coddington.  I've just passed a chapter where she recounts Fashion Week in the 60s and discusses how the sole focus was the collections - so foreign from the spectacle we know today!  These days a show isn't a SHOW unless the front row is packed with celebs and all attendees are dressed to the nines. Unsurprising to my faithful readers, one of my favorite aspects of fashion week is selecting outfits for myself and my clients to wear to the shows!  This year, my favorite ensemble is the Elie Tahari Dezma dress (the laser-cut leather number pictured above) with my (current) favorite Alexis Bittar necklaces (one, two, three) and the divine Connor Sandal also by Elie.  I imagine you saying, "Wardrobe Whisperer, surely you jest.  Sandals in all of this snow?!  You are a lunatic!"  And I say to you, gentle readers, YES I am lunatic and I also endorse the sandal for this special week.  I endorse the sandal and I will tell you how to pull it off.  Simply observe my cardinal rule of Fashion Week:  use a car service instead of cabs.  Car services can be scheduled in advance and will take you door to door sans the tromps through the snow and the post-show cab fights.  With your impeccable look and good planning you might just have an opportunity to meet some of your own fashion idols.

P.S.  And a bonus fashion week photo that I could not resist posting for obvious reasons:

becks and baby becks

Standing O or Hell No: Tocca at NYC Fashion Week

tocca NYFW 2013 My kids are going to grow up thinking they were adopted if for no other reason than I have no photos to prove they weren't.  I can never figure out how to extract myself from the moment in order to point a camera in their little faces.  I regularly encounter a similar phenomenon during Fashion Week- I find myself glued to the action so much so that I have trouble pausing to comment.  But the above number by Tocca stopped me dead in my tracks.  Myriad questions flooded my mind:

Where are the pants?

Did the designer from Free People get promoted to Tocca?

Did my former ballet teacher sneak back stage to subvert this fashion show?

Didn't Black Swan (and its ballerina inspired fashion backlash) happen in 2010?

I have ceased trying to make sense of this calamity.  Instead I choose to comfort myself by focusing on this pretty and simple piece from the same "collection" (what one has to do with the other, I have no clue).

tocca 2In short, Hell No for the first look and just by mere proximity the second look gets a Standing O.

I bet in retrospect Emma Fletcher wishes Fashion Week photographers were like me, unable to extract themselves from this moment in order to capture it for posterity.

Hey, NY Fashion Week, I'm still enjoying Fall 2012!

chloeAs you are blissfully aware, Fashion Nation, it is currently the second day of NY Fashion Week (welcome back, old friend!).  While perusing tons of Fall 2013 looks this morning I found myself rewinding to Fall 2012 to order the above Chloe boots for 3 different clients  (40% off anyone?!).  And guess what??   I realized I'm still not over Fall 2012 looks!!  These boots continue to slay me and at less than $1000, who is going to blame me for my hesitancy to move on?  To that I say, in with the old AND in with the new!

Side note, Gents: these babies have a redish hue which is perfection for Valentine's Day.  Yes, check your calendars.  It is next Thursday.  You're welcome.

Wardrobe Whisperer on Bloomberg Rewind

Fashion Week has been a flurry of excitement (thankfully sans REAL snow flurries)!  From meeting Alexis Bittar and Brad Goreski (posts forthcoming) to seeing some gorgeous collections, this season has not disappointed to date. To follow suit, I will not disappoint you, my faithful readers.  As promised, set forth below are details for my appearance on Bloomberg Rewind with Matt Miller!

When:  Tonight, Monday, at 8pm

Where: Bloomberg TV or live online at http://www.bloomberg.com/tv/

Update - Watch anytime here:  http://www.wardrobewhisperer.com/bb_video.html

Some things to know before watching:

  • Yes, I am pregnant
  • No, I don't usually wear that much hairspray
  • Yes, I worked in the finance industry for - shocking - 8 years (7 years Goldman Sachs + 1 year hedge fund)

Now that you know my deepest darkest secrets, watch tonight as I discuss with Matt Miller how to dress appropriately to work on Wall Street.

Wardrobe Whisperer and Fashion Week 2012

Nothing chases away the winter blues quite as well as Fashion Week which officially kicks off TODAY!  (OK, sometimes a hot fudge sundae will also do the trick.)  To me, it's a clear signal that Spring is on its way, despite the fact that we're viewing Fall/Winter collections.  The city is a twitter with excitement - models!  designers!  pretty frocks! - and Lincoln Center is thumping.

What makes my own heart thump a little faster is my slated TV appearance to tie-in with this fabulous week.  Details must remain a secret for a tad longer but I will, of course, keep my faithful readers posted.  Stay tuned for more!!

Doo.Ri Baby

On Friday I went to the doo.ri Spring 2012 show in Chelsea.  It was fun and exciting to be in a far-flung locale (hellooooooo 11th Ave!) but close enough to Cookshop (I recommend the "Farmer's Daughter" - that didn't come out right) to make it worth the trek.  But I digress.  The collection is beautiful.  The fabrics are fluid, weightless and lovely.  I saw lots of bold black and white combinations with fun pops of color (yellow and ultra violet mostly).   The cuts are soft and feminine and exhibit lots of draping. Each piece was well thought out and the collection coherent.   Which is more than I could say for myself after three Farmer's Daughters.  Cheers!