Hot Rod

Rod Laver Adidas Just because I'm sweating the resurrected Adida's Rod Lavers doesn't mean you have to - sweat, that is.  And that's courtesy of its ultra-breathable MESH design!   Not only was Laver the only man in history to twice win all 4 Grand Slam singles titles in the same year, he inspired one fantastic sneaker.  The beauty of this shoe is that it's completely paired down which means we get to focus on the pitch-perfect simplicity of the silhouette.  This bare-bones approach allows the shoe to be paired with virtually anything from jeans and a blazer to shorts and a tee.  In the right color combination, these could also be worn with a suit for a current, downtown look.  Dan Maskell, tennis player/commentator, has described Rod Laver, the man, as "technically faultless" which, I believe, applies to his shoe as well.