Standing O, Hell No, or So-So: Kate Middleton

Whether you love the royals or think they're a royal pain in the *ss, there's no way you've escaped the weekend media blitz.  Photos like the one above will be shown endlessly for the next century, so let's take a stand on the fashion once and for all.

Kate, by anyone's standards is a gorgeous girl whose beauty deserves the praise it's received.  But what of the dress?  I am totally, unabashedly in love with the top half.  It managed to observe tradition (long sleeves) but remained modern and young (v-neck, sheerness).   However, I'm not swooning over the bottom half.  An 8' train is no mere swatch but somehow the grandness of Westminster Abbey (and all of the surrounding fan-fair) swallowed it up.  I understand classic and simple but found it boggling that this gown came from the house of Alexander McQueen.  McQueen designs usually elicit adjectives like "edgy" and "unique" but for me the bottom of this dress just fell flat.  I suppose, though, that is better than Kate (the McQueen - HA!) falling flat.  Thus, for the disjointed feelings this dress stirred up, it receives a so-so.