American Beauty

americanbeauty04 The holiday season is upon us (like it or not) and with that comes a lot of dashing around the city.  In between shopping for holiday gifts, turkeys, and a plan for New Year's Eve, add to your agenda a stop at American Beauty:  Aesthetics and Innovation in Fashion.  FIT's stunning new exhibition can be visited (with all of your out- of-town company in tow) from November 06, 2009 - January 09, 2010.  The 75 garments (mostly dresses) being displayed are from 31 designers including the Mulleavy sisters (Rodarte), Halston, Rick Owens, Ralph Rucci, and Isabel Toledo.  "The garments in American Beauty are connected by one overriding criterion:  They have all been created by designers who utilized the craft of dressmaking as the point of departure to create beautiful, wearable objects," says Patricia Mears, deputy director of the Museum at FIT.  During all of the holiday madness, this is the perfect opportunity to stop and smell see the roses.