Insider Trading

At the Hilton Hotel on 53rd & 6th by way of The Learning Annex, Rebecca Minkoff presented last night on "How to Start a Handbag, Accessories, and Life Style Brand."  The aspect I appreciated most was how forthcoming she was with her resources.  She opened up the little black book (in her mind) and began listing off everything from where she buys hardware for her bags (Ohio Travel Bag) and has samples made (Manolucci) to where she found her accountant (back of Women's Wear Daily) and PR company (Shine Media).  Clearly this woman is confident enough in her product to not fear the likes of her audience's talents.  Q&A went on for a solid hour and by the time things wrapped up I was surprised I didn't have her social security number, bank account information, and email address.  I do have her blessing on using Infomat, though, so I'll be sure to stay connected.