More to Love at RTR

It's Valentine's Day and so we at Wardrobe Whisperer are going to fan a longstanding flame for Rent the Runway. You're probably wondering how we met. Well, we first became acquainted in early November 2009 (I remember it so well!). The attraction was immediate - a classic girl meets dress story. And here we are, still in a dedicated relationship, a little over one year later. In past relationships, the 1 year anniversary has brought with it the question: "What have you done for me lately?" Not so with RTR who has been selflessly giving, giving, giving the entire time. First it was the launch in November 2009, then Accessories in April 2010, onto Handbags in October 2010, Intimates in November 2010, and Weddings in January 2011!! With this type of relentless courting, could a ring be in our future?!? We tried to pry this information from RTR's Director of Designer Relations, Daria Burke, but she remained tight-lipped. She did say, however, that "Rent the Runway has made Carrie Bradshaw's closet available all over the country...[it's] the ultimate shopping experience!"