"Chic" in a NY lexicon would be loosely translated as "wearing all black."  This, undoubtedly, is A good look ("a" being the operative article), but it should be one of many.  There's so much more to life than achromatic color.  For instance, actual color - you know ROY G BIV.   So when the cold weather arrives and you, like me, are drowning in oceans (seas, lakes, rivulets!) of colorlessness, try injecting some of the stuff directly between your toes (or around them as the case may be).   Men, begin with  your favorite navy suit, crisp white shirt, navy wool tie, and white pocket square.  Add these Barneys over the calf socks and burnished brown shoes and you, unlike Sharon Stone a la Basic Instinct, will be showing just enough when you cross your legs.