Wimbledos and Wimbledon'ts

As a parent of two small fries, I've been trying to embrace the "teaching moment." Recently while in the grocery store my four year old and I crossed paths with a woman who had bathed in perfume moments before causing Lilli to shout, "Mommy! WHO STINKS?!"  It was obvious to me this was a teaching moment.  Clearly the lesson was to lower your voice so you don't get caught saying what you really think.  Wait a minute.  On second thought, maybe the lesson was supposed to be to not say unkind things?! Damnit!  I never claimed to be a pro.  I'll tell you who is, though - Kim Clijsters.  Not only is she a pro at tennis but she is also a pro at life.  She recently took the teaching moment to new heights during one of her matches at Wimbledon.  She had a heckler that was so obnoxious he moved her to invite him onto the court to face her.  As is well known, at Wimbledon one can only play in all-whites and this man hadn't the proper attire. Undaunted, Kim grabbed a skirt from her bag and made him stuff himself into it.  Unsurprisingly he was unable to follow his own technical advice and failed in spectacular fashion on the court while looking like a sausage personified.  Needless to say, he got schooled.

While we are on the topic of teaching moments, allow me to use the Royals at Wimbledon to illustrate a few lessons I've been forever preaching.  Namely:

  1. Embrace prints (points to both Kate and William for this and also that random third Royal)
  2. A textured tie, like Will's knit, is a welcome change for a warmer season
  3. I can and will kill for Kate's hair
  4. Everyone looks hotter in sunglasses (take note random third Royal and, also, please tear that bow from its perch)