Oh the Inequity

I might even be convinced to see a remake of Glitter if these foxes were in it. In the spirit of the season, I wish the internet could elect a Homecoming King and Queen.  These two would have my vote for sure.  Even though their film, Keeping Up With the Joneses, looks like sheer and utter nonsense, they make a compelling visual case to go and see it anyway.  What on God's green earth do you think their mothers fed them for breakfast when they were children?  Bars of pure gold sprinkled with beauty dust?  It's inconceivable that this much genetic favor was bestowed on just two human beings.  Speaking of God, if He was being fair he could've spread the bounty out a bit more evenly among the rest of us.

Besides their intrinsic beauty, each of these two is KILLING IT in the wardrobe department.  I'm not sure who Jon Hamm's current stylist is since he's worked with a few folks but he continues to be the inspiration for how all men should look in suits.  As for Gal Gadot, I know she works with Micaela Erlanger who is extremely talented not to mention a beauty in her own right.  This D&G dress that she chose is off the charts amazing.  It is so flawless and well made/worn that it looks liquid and I applaud that the shoes pick up where the dress leaves off - with more sparkly silver.  I wouldn't have minded earrings or a cocktail ring but letting the dress shine (literally and figuratively) was a great move.  And an even better move would be for Gal Gadot to keep hold of Jon Hamm's hand.  He, in that suit, is a better accessory than any stylist or starlet could ever get a hold of.