Real Princesses Wear Red

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Vancouver, British Columbia It feels like 99% of girls under the age of 6 dress up as a princess for Halloween.  As a mother of a 4 year old who has chosen to be a princess for the last three years, I've questioned the imagination (or lack thereof) in this choice.  Recently, however, its wisdom is becoming evident as I've been feeling the need to dress up as the Duchess of Cambridge.  In this Alexander McQueen dress specifically.  With those red shoes (RED!! She never does red).  And also that bag because it ties in perfectly with those darling shoes.  I may go bolder with my earrings but I am privy to the latitude granted by not having a Queen constantly breathing down my neck.

I love this photo because Kate seems stoked to be pimping this outfit.  I feel like she's going to take one more step and then jump and click her heels together.  (Is it possible that I'm projecting??)  Her recent Royal Canadian Tour, from which this photo was taken, was such a sartorial success and I attribute this to the incorporation of red in her travel wardrobe. (Thank you Canada for having super national colors!!)  In addition to the McQueen above, we saw her in a red Carolina Herrera coat, a red Preen cocktail dress, and even a red Really Wild sweater.  (Her D&G wasn't red but it WAS gorgeous so peep it here!) It's my belief that the red infusion made her this ecstatic and therefore she should wear it often.

Dear Disney, please note that real princesses wear red.  Your next princess must don this royal color. Thank you.


Wardrobe Whisperer