New York Fashion Week: Hugo Boss

That accordion pleat dress shall be mine If a person has lived in New York for 10+ years it's hard to get them excited about, well, almost anything.  That is because, of course, they've been exposed to so much.  (As a side note, exposure can be good or bad - I'm talking about you, sir, from the uptown E train demonstrating your own version of break-away pants).  The one thing, however, that never fails to elicit a positive response from most New Yorkers, regardless of their level of jaded-ness, are the words: FASHION SHOW.

Fashion shows given by the actual fashion houses (i.e. vs charity related shows or shows given by department stores, etc) are pretty exclusive and their tickets are extremely difficult to procure - mainly because the shows are invitation only. Entree into almost every other event in NY can be bought at some price - this is generally not so with fashion shows unless someone goes rogue and sells their personal tickets.  I would never sell mine as I not only obsess over fashion but enjoy being the envy of others!  Plus, it's fun amassing weird and interesting invitations such as this one from Hugo Boss:

These virtual reality glasses reminded me of the 3D glasses I got to see JAWS in 1983

Another reason I'd never sell my tickets is that even though the actual show lasts for less than ten minutes (watch yesterday's Boss show here), the event itself can take about an hour if you want to get there on time (GASP!) and celeb-watch as I shamelessly did.  Witness:


Last, but certainly not least, fashion shows are an excuse to get as fashiony as you want.  I have been hoarding a spectacular Catherine Malandrino ice blue dress with the most incredible print for ages and decided to employ it yesterday:


The moral of this story is, of course, that you should incite envy whenever/however possible and if you can't get tickets to a fashion show then you have no choice but to continue reading my blog for tips on how to create a lust-worthy wardrobe.