Fashion Ministry 2011

The Stuy Town lecture... On Monday January 31st I gave a lecture at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village on "Creating a Polished Look Mixing High & Low Fashion and Accessorizing."  Guests were immediately transformed into 5 year olds when they entered the Oval Theater and saw big gift bags covering the sign-in table.  I actually overheard an attendee declare it an encore to Christmas morn.  Big thank yous to some of my favorite stores who donated gifts:  Alexis Bittar, Catherine Malandrino, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, and Gabriella de la Vega.  There's nothing like swag to ensure a pliable audience!  If only I could've served hot toddies and shrimp cocktail I think I'd have 50 new clients.

Below are a few bullet points from my presentation, but to see it in its entirety click here.

  • Investment pieces (high fashion) should be:   classic, your fashion skeleton (coat, bag, shoes, signature jewelry), something you have an emotional attachment to
  • Budget pieces (low fashion) should be:  trendy items, anything with a short shelf life (tees, leggings, hats, scarves)
  • Accessories infuse a look with your personality, so make a statement; Do this by choosing 1 to 2 statement pieces at a time ensuring they are complimentary and do not compete
  • Cultivate your style

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