If this is the Halfback, bring on the FB. Please.

half shirts NFL I know, I know there are more current fashion events to blog about - The White House Correspondents' Dinner (What in thee heck IS the WHCD other than an opp for the Pres to mug with celebs?? I haven't seen a single photo of an actual journalist yet.), the Met Gala (TONIGHT, PEOPLE, TONIGHT!!), or Princess Charlotte's First Birthday but, frankly, I'm having trouble ignoring Ezekiel Elliott.  I gather that was his point when he painstakingly pinned his button-down to look like a half shirt for the 2016 NFL Draft.  I understand that he's wearing it to refute the NCAA's decision to ban cropped jerseys but can we all just agree that the ban is in everyone's best interest?

I think this look is particularly disturbing to me because the outfit is otherwise well composed and it rankles to acknowledge there are folks in existence who can appreciate a lavender bow tie/white trousers/blazer combination and also, on the other hand, appreciate male crop tops (MOPS?).  It's like finding out that John Wayne Gacy sewed couture in his spare time when he wasn't out strangling kids.  I'm having a hard time believing these ideas can co-exist.