Standing O, So-So or Hell No: The Obamas in Cuba

Obamas-Cuba-JR-032116 Little known fact: one of my best friends and I sneaked into Cuba a number of years ago.  We didn't even attempt clearances because we knew we had no grounds on which to obtain them.  We simply left from the Bahamas, didn't get our passports stamped, and then prayed to our merciful Lord all would be well when we tried to re-enter our country.  Somehow on the greatest stroke of luck ever, we came back to the US on a day when hordes of spring break college kids were returning from their various debaucherous trips.  They were so rowdy and feral that the customs agents never paid us a lick of attention and barely peeked at our passports prior to stamping them.  In retrospect I should've played the lottery that day because, indeed, it was true luck that a $10K fine and imprisonment was avoided.  Orange jump suits and limited showers would not have been a good look for me.

And now Cuba is receiving slightly more distinguished guests - the Obamas!  My guess is that they have the proper paperwork.  But I digress - let's cut to the chase and talk about the most important aspect of the trip: the fashion of the Obama ladies.  I feel Michelle made a wise choice with her easy-breezy Carolina Herrera shift.  It's weather appropriate, white based, and the flowers work well in this setting.  Malia looks fine to me -I value that she looks age appropriate and I like that she also chose color and flowers but overall her look reads a little to "Target-designer-collab" for me.  Mostly, though, I take issue with Sasha's Shoshanna shift.  I am whole-heartedly against wearing near solid black in Cuba considering it is a country of such vibrant colors.  You don't see black on many folks there and it's because it simply doesn't fit.  The occasion and the country both call for color and patterns!  And so, as usual, I will call it as I see it:

Michelle = Standing O

Malia = So-So

Sasha = Hell No

Here's another view so you can decide for yourself.  Wardrobe Whisperer encourages freedom of thought:

obamas cuba 2