Who Should Rock It: Jenny Packham F/W 2016

JPFW_LupitaIt's New York Fashion Week and I'm drunk as a sailor on all of the collections.  And on gin cocktails - but that's another matter!  However, full transparency:  Live Stream has never been more attractive or useful than over the last few days.  I saw a meme which pretty much sums up my feelings about venturing out:  The air hurts my face.  Why do I live in a place where the AIR hurts my face? Thank goodness the air does not need to come between us and our love for fashion! Right now I'm obsessing online over the Jenny Packham show and I'm feeling quite like a game of Who Should Rock It.  Care to join me?

The above would be spectacular on Lupita: the color, the twirl-factor, and the plunging V have all become her trademarks.  She'd be divine in this flowing beauty.


JPFWDiane Kruger would own this piece.  The blue would highlight her eyes and compliment her hair and the fringe sequins would be magical as she moved.  Girl knows how to wear a dress.


JP3Brie Larson's curves would do this dress the favors it requires.  Translation: that neckline demands cleavage, not a bird cage.


JP4Taraji P Henson!  Paging Taraji P Henson!


JP5Dakota Johnson could do her red lip + red dress formula with this piece.  It's become her special brand of success on the carpet.

Thoughts, dear readers?