Standing O, Hell No, or So So: SAG Awards 2016

helen-mirrenSome of life's most wonderful things have extremely unfortunate names.  For instance DUMP CAKE.  I am loathe to admit it, but that stuff is delicious.  Or Dick's Sporting Goods.  Can there not be somewhere classier yet as convenient to get your tennis racket restrung?  Same goes with the SAG Awards.  I mean, if someone offered me one I'd take it but it wouldn't be my first choice.  Speaking of sag or the absence thereof, let's talk about how sublime Helen Mirren looks in this Jenny Packham gown.  She has such a tremendous sense of how to dress and comport herself.  Standing O for this glorious image (and for her lack of sag)!  

rachel mcadams SAGIt really goes to show you how many fashion doors swing open when you are nominated for an award.  Rachel McAdams is hot off the heels of her Critics Choice Award sartorial success and here she is WINNING again in this exquisite Elie Saab.  Standing O!


alicia sagI hate to be your nit-picking Great Aunt who returns your thank you letters marked up in red pen to illustrate all of your mistakes.  Oh wait - your family members don't do that?  Well, Alicia Vikander is near perfection in this luminous Louis Vuitton but I must point out (GREAT AUNT ALERT!!) that the gown was slightly too long and this detail bothered me.  I still award her a Standing O because as a novice on the red carpet, she is slaying overall. Plus she dates Michael Fassbender which garners her bonus points for sheer finesse.


kiernan shipkaAlso killing it was Kiernan Shipka in Erdem.  Somehow this gown manages to be super sophisticated and youthful all at the same time.  The bustier top, the color, the glorious print, and the perfect fit conspire to make this one of my favorite looks of the night.  Standing O!


january jones SAGSadly not all of the women of Mad Men fared as well as Kiernan Shipka.  January Jones's dress looks like she didn't have time to attend the last three fittings and she had to just wear it pinned up and in progress. Hell No, January.


brieIn other blue dress news is Brie Larson in Versace.  Despite the dress's gorgeous hue and body enhancing cut, this still reads a little slutty to me.  In my opinion there are just too many competing interests: the partially exposed chest, the super high slit, and those passé platform sandals.  Had she retained the key-hole top but allowed the bottom to close and drape like a column, this would've worked.  Luckily from the neck up, she is flawless so this look is not a total failure.  So So, Brie.