Standing O or Hell No: The Critics Choice Awards

regina kingLast night I was watching an old episode of The Americans. Two of the female leads were commiserating on their relationships and the Kerri Russel character, Elizabeth, sighs and says, "Marriage is complicated."  Indeed.  Her husband is a KGB operative who just cheated on her with an old love. Her friend, Sandra, has an FBI agent for a husband and he is having an ongoing affair with a Russian spy.  I nodded in agreement that, yes, marriage IS complicated.  My husband built an actual ice skating rink in our back yard and decided to fill it with our hose which burned out our well pump and left us without water for the last two days.  This situation was further complicated by the fact that I not only have the flu but also strep throat and a scratched cornea.  And two small children who I will list along with my ailments.  I bemoaned my fate along side the ladies of The Americans because the struggle truly IS real. Later I tried to suppress my emotions by drowning myself in the dresses from the Critics Choice Awards.  However, many of the dresses, including Regina King's, (above) were just as complicated as marriage.   To that I say Hell No, Regina.

OK- let's try to breathe some LIFE into this post.  For me and last night's awards all of the oxygen was here:

Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams slayed it in Elie Saab.  As did Helen Miran below:

helen miranThis Dolce and Gabbana printed gown is stunning on her.

Alicia Vikander CriticsAnd finally we have life via Alicia Vikander in Mary Katrantzou.  Standing O to these three lovelies.  If it wasn't for you, I might've drowned my husband in the slushy end of the ice skating rink.