Scrolling Along, Minding My Own Business

ysl high heel for men I'm working on another collaborative piece with my girl, Linette Lopez.  And by "working" I really mean stalking luxury websites and drooling heavily over the images.  This new article is on men's boots and so, naturally, I did a warm-up exercise of looking at gorgeous women's boots in size 7.   (That research is relevant, people - don't be so judgmental!) Fully sated on the women's options, I moved onto men's with a renewed determination to focus.  I was just scrolling along, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon the image above.  At first I thought: "Sheesh - someone is going to get in trouble for categorizing this shoe improperly.  It should be in the women's section."  Then I saw the below corresponding images and thought: "That model really needs to shave her legs."

ysl front

ysl hair

Then I noticed that these boots start at size 7 and go through 13.  Hot darn - It donned on me that I was looking at a GUY!  Which makes this posterior view all the more confusing:

ysl backListen, the French have suffered enough recently and I don't want to be getting down on them but I have to report my shock.  This boot by Saint Laurent has far more heel (3.25"!?!) than I've ever seen on a non-custom shoe for a man, especially one being proffered by a major fashion house.

I'm a true Libertarian at heart.  I want people to use their own judgement and do what's best for them as long as no one is getting hurt.  But therein lies the problem.  I'm truly worried that someone MIGHT get hurt.  Those are high heels, friends!  Men have not been adequately trained to maneuver in those things.  What will become of them when they hit the cobble stones in the Meat Packing District, for instance?  I feel like these boots should come along with some lessons so, here you go.  Now do what you must.