Standing O or Hell No: Michelle Williams

It actually pains me to give Michelle Williams's Valentino gown a "Hell No" because I whole-heartedly applaud the use of a print on the red carpet.  Dare to be different!  Rachel McAdams did it at last year's Oscars to stunning effect.  In this case, M.W. should have chosen truth over dare.  This gown not only reads as "twee" (see:  miniature daisy straps), it also appears maternity-like with its empire waist and loose fitting bodice.  Then onto the (ahem!) Pièce de résistance - hip-wings!  Is there ever a scenario where hip-wings flatter?  I am shaking the apple tree of my brain but no affirmative fruit is falling.  I'd like to offer Michelle a suggestion.  Do what I do with my bridesmaid dresses - leave them behind in the hotel room where they are disallowed additional opportunities to affront.