Standing O or Hell No: Cate Blanchett

cate-blanchett-carol-premiere-london-GettyImages-492638772-510x764 I once read a blog post decreeing that this lady has Carte Blanchett when it comes to fashion.  Hilarious and true in equal measures!  Who else could get away with this level of complexity let alone SELL IT as convincingly as she?  On most other women, even the most gorgeous, this would take on a costumey overtone that would undercut the look. On Cate, however, this Enrique Cortezar is divine.  Let's peep the back, shall we?


cate-blanchett-2 -carol-premiere-london-GettyImages-492639978-510x760

There is an element of sheer madness in this get-up yet it only registers as a perfect composition.  (By the way, why when I am viewing these photos is the song "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees running on a loop in my head?)  How about just one more view because, can we really get enough of her splendor?