Of Human Bondage

rick-owens-fashion-show-inline-2 Rick Owens has recently received a lot of press for his Spring 2016 Paris fashion show where the models carried each other as human accessories.  'What a unique idea! What startling and moving images!' declared viewers.  And while I agree that a derriere in the face is not a common sight, I got to thinking about the genesis of his idea and how unique it actually is.

Remember that period in the early 2000's when all the socialites were carrying dogs as accessories?  You don't?  Steel yourself:

paris hilton

My initial reaction was that Rick Owens took the puppy/accessory concept, pumped it up, then shot it out of a canon.  Or did he?  Because this, dear readers, is STILL happening:


Could the Moby Wrap have been Rick's inspiration?  It has all the elements.  Complicated harnessing?  Check!  Model pretending the weight doesn't hurt her back? Check! Human worn as accessory? Check check!  I will leave it up to you to decide if Rick's experiment was derivative or genius.