Who Should Rock It: Marchesa S/S 2016

marchesa_ss2015_1I feel like I'm 90 years old reminiscing on days of yore.  NY Fashion Week was WEEKS ago and by golly, we're already in Milan.  But it's Monday and I feel like playing a game and the best games in my estimation are not quaits or bocce.  They are, of course, games of fashion.  So let's look at the Marchesa Spring/Summer 2016 show and nominate celebs to wear the gowns for a round of  "Who Should Rock It?" Your input makes this all the more fun for me! First up (above) - there is a lot of competing interests in this dress but somehow it still works.  I'd throw this gown on RiRi and watch everyone swoon.


marchesa_ss2015_6This dark dreamy gown was my favorite of the lot.  I feel it demands a brooding presence.  Kate Mara's fashion trajectory would beam upward if she trotted out in this.


marchesa_ss2015_4There is simply too much gold and sparkle on this dress for someone NOT to wear it to a major red carpet event.  I'd put Kerry Washington in this number and pump her tiny frame up with sky high heels so you wouldn't lose much length.


marchesa_ss2015_7I'm not 100% convinced that the bodice of this dress is perfect but the skirt is so good I simply don't care.  Because I always want Selena Gomez to cover up a little bit more and because I think these colors would be brilliant on her, I assign her this piece.  And, no, she may NOT cut this to become a super mini.


marchesa_ss2015_3If Emma Stone got a hold of this one, she wouldn't even need a major event.  I feel like she'd sport this to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  She has THAT much style.


marchesa_ss2015_5Can we make the bodice feathers all white and send someone down the aisle in this one??  Calling all US Weekly readers - who is getting married?  Grace Gealey? Nicki Minaj?  Sarah Greene??  Speak now or forever hold your peace.