Standing O, Hell No, or So-So: Emmys 2015

gaga_emmy 2015I feel about this look the way a parent must feel when their once obstreperous child graduates from a notable university.  The years of tantrums were worth enduring to experience this glowing moment.  Standing O, Lady G, for coming around full circle to elegance (even despite the weird hip embellishment and the gown being slightly too long.)  

ellie-kemper-emmys-2015-GettyImages-489371092-419x623Regular readers of my blog know that I would become Naeem Khan's minion if he would only allow it.  I would be more than happy to be subjugated by anyone involved in the making of this gloriously unique, exceedingly fun, and exquisitely beautiful gown.  Ellie Kemper is doing it justice for sure.  Standing O!


Zoe KazanSpeaking of exceedingly fun, big ups to Miu Miu for creating this diaphanous dress!  The stripes and asymmetrical chandelier neck detail bring youth and a sense of humor to the look while still remaining sophisticated.  I'm not in love with Zoe's hair but, to be fair, it was 103 degrees on the red carpet so I'm going to blame it on the oppressive heat.


jaimie-alexanderI feel like this look will be polarizing.  I haven't read what others think but their opinions be damned because I am in love.  The fit is perfect, the colors are on trend, and the sparkle factor is serious.  Jaimie Alexander is pulling off this Armani Prive with a tremendous amount of conviction.  Standing O!


heidi emmy 2015I'd like to know whose mother Heidi Klum insulted over at the House of Versace.  Hell NO! dress is putting the gross in Naomi Grossman.  Hell No.


renee-bargh-emmy-awards-2015-092015If ever there was a question about the necessity of stylists, Renee Bargh's ensemble reveals the answer which, of course, is Absolutely!  Hell No, girl.


kerri washingtonLet it first be said that Kerri Washington is a total stunner and she is SELLING this Marc Jacobs dress.  Overall her look is working but somehow I just can't get on board with the heaviness of the hardware at the bottom.  Much like the transition from a Sunday to a Monday, the super sheer to super embellished aspect feels abrupt to me.  I know everyone else is going insane over this look but I'm giving Kerri a Standing O and the dress a So-So.