Fashion Week: Elie Tahari Spring 2016

Pat ClevelandNew York on a normal day is a humbling place to view your own reflection.  During Fashion Week it gets so intense that I catch myself avoiding otherwise innocuous things like subway windows and the reflective exteriors of certain buildings.  NY becomes the mecca for fresh faced beauties and if you are no longer 18, you feel woefully ancient.  And yet yesterday during the Elie Tahari presentation I found myself completely captivated by the legendary Pat Cleveland.  She was easily three times the age of the other models who walked in the show yet she OWNED that room.  I'm still not sure how she did it, because the place was packed, but she managed to smile directly into every camera including all the cell phones being shoved in her face (witness my wink above).  She was luminous!! Pat's fellow 70s era top model, Beverly Johnson, attended the show and was the other bright star that the masses were orbiting around.  Witness:

Beverly Johnson(This woman is 62?!?)  My delight is evident!

These women and their gravity were blowing my mind.  It reminded me of how I felt when Annie Lennox performed with Hozier at the Grammy's last year and blew the roof off the place with her fearlessness.  Young ones, step back.  Go 60s age bracket, GO!!  I am feeling amazingly optimistic about the future thanks to these beauties.

And now for some bonus photos:

Elie 1

Elie 3

Elie 4                    Cheers to gorgeous women of all ages and to NY Fashion Week!