Standing O or Hell No: 2015 VMAs

Miley 2015 VMAThose of you who know me well are aware that I've spent a good deal of the last 2.5 years restoring a 1799 stone farmhouse.  I've looked at a TON of lighting and I'm fairly certain I've seen Miley's crotch-chandelier in the Crystorama collection.  I'd like to recommend these sconces to go with it.   (Obvi HELL NO!)  

kimye 2015 VMAsI feel a bit about Kim and Kanye as I used to about Katie and Tom.  It's clear (to me) that he's holding her against her will for his own selfish gain.  He's also forcing her to dress like an idiot.  Kanye, she's naturally curvy AND pregnant to boot.  Why in the name of all that is good and holy would you pad out her shoulders AND assign saddle bags to her hips? Before you, she knew exactly how to flatter her figure and do her hair and make up.  Oh hell no to this mess.


Britney 2015 VMAsIncidentally this is the same facial expression that my 3 year old wore today to her first day of pre-school (i.e. scared to death).  Thankfully the two ladies did not wear the same dress.  However, Lilli would've fit this one better in the chest than Britney does.  I am still crossing my fingers for a come back, Britney, but hell no to this outfit and to the very strange hue of your hair.


lily-aldridgeLily Aldridge's dress isn't sending me over the moon on its own but the way she looks in it is.  I respect that she intentionally played her accessories down and allowed that neckline to speak.  Perhaps she could have a word with Miley.  Standing O!


kat-grahamI love that Kat Graham chose this darling Versace number.  It's bright and playful and chic and, in short (also IT'S short!) perfect for the VMAs.  And, her hair is tops.  As well as her face.  And those legs.  STANDING O!!