Princess and The Pee

Gianvito Rossi Darcy Heels It’s been a rough day.  Before 9am my three year old was already quarantined to her room not twice but thrice for back talk, hitting, and generally not listening.  Fast forward one hour.  She called a bathroom strike for no apparent reason other than to torture me since she is clearly in pain and screaming but refuses to go.  This ongoing struggle culminated in a moment, about forty minutes ago, which featured me wrestling her to the floor to try to force a diaper on her in order to show her who’s boss.  Clearly she is boss because I could not get the punishment-diaper on her through her wildly flailing legs.  Therefore she was banished to her room AGAIN where at some point I’m sure she will either pee on her gorgeous wool rug or get a UTI.  It goes without saying that my mood is bleak.  And so I’ve attempted to lift my spirits with unabashedly beautiful images.  Walk with me…

Burberry Prorsum Teal Trench


Sidney Garber Feather Earrings


Rauwold Brutalist Minaudiere

Thank you, dear readers.  This exercise has helped to restore a small amount of my sanity.  Feel free to put forward your own gorgeous finds.  I need all the medicine I can get.