How To Talk To Your Tailor

tailor talkIn my line of work I wear many hats - literally and figuratively.  One of the literal hats is an emerald green cloche with a gorgeous feather tucked into the side.  One of the figurative hats is that of translator.  Even when you are working with a good tailor, meaning someone who truly understands garment construction, it is still not easy to attain a perfect result.  This is because what the tailor thinks is correct is often 5-10 years out of date.  Or they plain don't speak English.  Or sometimes both.  Therefore I make it a point to attend all tailoring sessions with my clients in order to specify EXACTLY what we want done.  I shared some expert tips with my girl, Linette Lopez, over at Business Insider.  This is our story: Everything you need to know before talking to a tailor about your suit