LAX Why do folks always want to trash-talk LA?  Is it because the women are gorgeous and skinny like my two beautiful clients above?  Is it because of the world class beaches like the ones in Malibu? malibu

Or maybe it's because people like to drink their food and love to detox with strange beverages like charcoal lemonade?  Ok, I grant you, that part IS weird but it's no reason to hate.


Clearly if the detox helps you look like this we can all agree to live and let live (and look hot):

alisonDear Haters,

Jealous much?  LA is a magical place where the food has somehow gotten supreme over the last five years.  The scenery is extraordinary and the people are first rate.  Not to mention that the shopping in Beverly Hills and Abbott Kinney is marvelous.  You have a point with the traffic but that's why God gave us Waze.  So, as the bumper stickers say:  wag more, bark less.

Love, Wardrobe Whisperer