Red Carpet Ready: The Knick's Jeremy Bobb

Jeremy Bobb from The Knick I admit it, I attempt to intellectualize everything.  Even fashion.  (Note to reader:  intellectualizing fashion is not the same as rationalizing fashion.  More on the latter in another post.)  The former is particularly helpful when working with men/folks in finance, but is less helpful when dealing with, say, my two year old's meltdowns.  For years I've been working on applying this tendency more effectively.  I am about 20% towards my goal.

The Peabody Awards are near and dear to my heart because they are essentially the intellectualization of awards programming.  Winners are chosen based solely on quality of work rather than popular or commercial success.  (Exit emotion, enter brain.)  Excitingly my client, Jeremy Bobb, and his HBO show, The Knick will be in receipt of one of these stellar awards this week!

Jeremy and I circled up last Friday at Hugo Boss to line up his red carpet look* which, incidentally, I did NOT over-think.  Success was evident immediately.  Witness for yourself above/below:


*The pocket square (first photo) is my favorite detail because it gives this smart look a personality; A description which, come to think of it, also applies to Jeremy.