Standing O or Hell No: Cannes Film Festival 2015

Lupita_CannesAnd now for a confession from the Wardrobe Whisperer.  The first time I visited Cannes it was one week after the film festival.  One of my best friends and I were hoofing it across Europe and were joined by an acquaintance we'll call Steve.  Turns out he was a bit of a nuisance.  Specifically he was a terrible blow-hard, a Mr. Know it All, and he talked incessantly.  Not a good formula for a 24/7 travel companion.  Needless to say, after 3 days we were OVER him.  And yet he followed us around like a puppy which, given my friend's extraordinary beauty, did not shock me.  The situation became grim when we realized our next train ride was 14 hours.  With him.  We fretted, we tried to ditch him, and yet he remained tenacious.  A quick stop at a local pharmacy and a tiny bottle of sleeping pills later, we had a plan.  Did I mention Steve was a doughnut addict?  Bait in hand, we augmented the cream with a pill (or two?) and presented our "gift" to him on the train platform prior to boarding.  30 minutes later he yawned.  45 minutes later he snoozed.  And then the train stopped.  Dead.  It was 1am and they announced a train strike.  (Only the French wait until 1am to go on strike!)  We'd all have to de-board and re-route.  Evidently, a groggy Steve that needs to be dragged from ticket agent to ticket agent and platform to platform is worse than a Steve that never shuts up.  What is the moral of this story, you may ask?  Don't drug your friends?  Don't trifle with Wardrobe Whisperer?  Don't count on the French not to go on strike?  I'm not really sure, I just needed to get that off my shoulders.  Speaking of shoulders, let's talk about the gowns at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival! Now Lupita Nyong'O is a girl you'd want to hot foot all over Europe with.  Decidedly I'd let her talk my ear off on the Eurail any time!  Clearly, as evidenced by the shot above, this lady knows how to have a good time.  This Gucci that she wore to the opening ceremonies was glorious!  The color, the knife pleats, the floral shoulders all bring just the right amount of glamor without looking like she tried too hard - she has an easy elegance about her.  Standing O, as usual, for my fashion soul-mate.


Naomi_cannesDoes Wardrobe Whisperer play favorites?  OF COURSE!  But, only when they are well deserved like Elie Saab who consistently produces gowns like this majestic number on Naomi Watts.  Also, the accessories are perfect- from the giant necklace to the black and white bag.  Standing O!!


Viann_ZhangOn a positive note, Viann Zhang has a real sense of occasion although, sadly, I'm not sure I (or she) knows what occasion that is.  I somehow wish she wore this to the Met Gala this year.  Sure, it's kooky but it would have been on theme for China:  Through the Looking Glass.  For Cannes, it feels too garish and too costume-y:  Hell no!


parker and emmaThis last one is just for fun.  Sure I love Emma's Oscar de la Renta and her sexy ombre shoes but what I love even more is imagining her hijinks with Parker Posey (left).  If I were to cast the movie of the story in my intro, these two girls would be on my short list.  Standing O for making me giggle!