Standing O or Hell No: Met Gala 2015

Met Gala 2015_RiA number of years ago I was invited to a costume party in Midtown (red flag number one).  I was June Cleaver in a red vintage house dress circa 1950s, a sweet red/white/blue vintage half-apron and corresponding oven mitt (same era).  Tom was Ward with Brill cream in his hair and the requisite cardigan.  We showed up with a big bottle of Belvedere and departed moments later when the hostess stashed away our contribution (red flag number two: "I'm going to save this for when I'm drinking alone!") and ushered us to a table with one opened, but almost finished, jug of wine (red flag number three).  We headed straight back to Brooklyn to attend a party which ended up to be a terrific and perfect rager (Kerri Russel was there and rumors were floating that Bill Murray was there too).  And that concluded my days of attending costume parties - I like to end on a high note. Despite the story I just related, I will still ogle costume parties!  Especially when they also happen to be the biggest social event in the city:  The Met Gala.  This year's theme was "China:  Through the Looking Glass."  Yes, dear readers, I have intuited your thoughts: Who in their right mind would allow celebrities to interpret this tricky cultural theme?  The answer is Anna Wintour.  She's like a police man who sits in a speed trap.  Let's review those who did it well and those who will require a translator for any future events.

Standing O for Rihanna, above and below, in Guo Pei.  The Met Ball is not only about the interpretation of the theme but also about the level of drama a look delivers.  Ri Ri scores BIG, literally and figuratively, on each front.


Another favorite...

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - ArrivalsKarolina Kurkova, as usual, knocked it out of the park:  the color, the satin fabric, the chinoiserie, and the snake pumps all expressed the theme perfectly!  The Chinese should find a way to take credit for her legs too because they look magnificent.  Standing-O!  Keep them coming...


Bee ShafferAgain we see red and chinoiserie but this floor length stunner includes a giant bird on the back!  Who can resist the scale of that thing? Marvelous and on point, evocative but not offensive.  Standing O, Bee Shaffer.  Next, please:


cara_delThere's always someone who does the anti-dress and, in my opinion, it either goes very well or very, very poorly.  Cara Delevingne delivered this atypical interpretation and I give her a Standing O!  The tattoos are not only in her wheel-house but also in the wheel-house (pagoda?) of the event.

Pray tell, fashion lovers, what the next string of outfits have to do with ANYTHING, least of all the Chinese influence on Western fashion:

beyonce-met-gala-met-ball-2015-china-472181284-390x600What was the thought behind (no pun intended) this??  "The Chinese like to get naked, and so do we Westerners!"  Hell No, Beyonce.


kim-kardashian-met-gala-met-ball-china-2015-472171516-510x540I feel that at the core of this idea exists some Kanye-style rhyme starting with the night's theme, "Looking-GLASS" and ending with "Kim's A*s."  I just accidentally typed Standing No.  But I think it applies here so I will leave it.

And, finally, (although I could go on and on...) this choice number:

katy met ballKaty, the theme was NOT Brooklyn: Through the Looking Glass.  Which begs the question - is this dress at all relevant?  Hell No.