Pay it Forward With your Bridesmaids

Nicholas Gown I've been in my fair share of weddings and have adopted a standard policy on bridesmaid's dresses.  Which is: at the end, I leave them in the hotel.  By that point, I've already spent too much time (and usually money) and refuse to allow them to aggrieve me for one additional moment.  I simply wish them another life and walk away.  I always bear this in mind when I make recommendations to brides regarding their maids.  In my mind, it's most merciful to say, "buy a black floor length gown (such as the simple but elegant Nicholas gown above), let it not be shiny and let it not have sequins and all will be well."  I've been in weddings with this policy and have had one myself and, quite honestly, it's a recipe for success.  Every girl chooses a gown that flatters her figure, which means your photos turn out super, and - bonus points - she doesn't hate on you because she'll likely wear the gown again.  For real this time.