51 is the new 21??

elleMuch like a doctor, I see a lot of bodies in my business.  I always giggle (inwardly) at the strong sense of modesty and propriety that my clients have for the first oh...15 minutes of a session.  They shyly close the door to a dressing room if we are shopping, or go to the bathroom to change if we are cleansing a closet; But when they realize I am not "looking" or judging (NEVER!!) they are soon strutting in their skivvies submitting to the metamorphoses at hand.  Suffice it to say, I have seen many different sizes and shapes and love dressing each and every form.  Clothes are the ultimate tool to enhance the positive and to diminish any "trouble" areas.  As my grandmother famously says, "clothes hide a multitude of sins." But then there are those among us, the very few, the very rare, who do not require concealment of any kind - even at age FIFTY-ONE.  This recent photo is blowing my mind.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is the only standard of beauty (those who know me know I love a curvy shape best) but I like to give props where props are due and Elle Macpherson is certainly deserving.  I don't know what sort of deal girlfriend struck with the devil but I'm contacting her attorney ASAP to see if (s)he can send me the template.