New Hot Shoe of the Summer

yvette_smx-1553_nudemulti_angleMy friend, Jenny, has the uncanny ability to predict with perfect accuracy the "new hot song of the summer" (as she refers to it).  Every year as spring breaks she texts me to announce what it will be.  Two days into spring, I find myself scanning for her texts but she is yet unwilling to make a commitment.  I am trying to be patient and in so doing, I will distract myself by naming "the new hot shoe of the summer" which is... the Yvette pump by Joie!  This shoe is not only lovely and light, she is hugely versatile.  Toss her on with joggers and a blazer or with that sexy date-night dress you've been stowing in the side of your closet.  As for the new hot song, fingers crossed that it does not turn out to be "I Really Like You" by Carly Rae.  Higher powers, have mercy.