Finally: A Burst of Sun!

AB Sunburst RingI don't think I'm alone in saying that this has been one flipping COLD and brutal winter.  God finally took mercy upon us and gave us yesterday as a gift.  It was uber delightful to be out shopping in the city with a client and enjoying unabashed sunshine!  I swear to you that I passed a man (seemingly not crazy nor homeless) who was singing "It's Spring!" at the top of his lungs to a friend across West Broadway - all this as he was scaling the curb-side snow mounds that still exist in SoHo.  I was with him in spirit even as the melting snow dripped off some scaffolding and onto my head.  And as I walked around in this state of bliss, the immortal words (and song) of Parks and Recreation's Tom Haverford kept ringing in my ears:  Treat Yo Self!  And I did just that.  I decided to commemorate the sunshine outside with some sunshine for my finger (middle right to be exact) in the form of this gorgeous 3-in-1 convertible piece by Alexis Bittar:  The Royal Marquis Sunburst Ring.  This way, even if it snows again (GOD FORBID!) I can consult my hand and receive affirmation that Spring is just around the corner!