Standing O or Hell No: Academy Awards/Oscars 2015

Rosamund_OscarI want to get one of those bumper stickers that read "Only 364 more days until Christmas" but cross out Christmas and enter The Oscars.  As you no doubt are aware, the 87th annual Academy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles.  And while the show itself was spiritless (for my money, I'll take Ellen and her selfies any day over Neil Patrick Harris in his tighty whities), I was satisfied with much of the night's fashion.  Take Rosamund Pike (above), for example:  She did a literal and figurative about-face from the horror that was her Golden Globes dress: rosamund-pike-golden-globes-2015_2The red Givenchy is elegant, well fitted, and entirely appropriate for the Oscars.  I adore the side panels at her waist and the red banded belt is perfect, very unlike the discordant version Nicole Kidman donned.  Standing O, Rosamund Pike!

I feel like a 10 year old with a $20 bill in her pocket because I NEED to spend this bit of fashion currency:

87th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsIt's impossible to tell from this photo how stunning this Calvin Klein Collection pearled gown looked on Lupita Nyong'o but like the palindrome, WOW (which duly applies here), backwards and forwards her looks are equal:

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

And one more so you can see the pearl detail close up:

Lupita close up

If there was a scenario where I was the teacher, Lupita would surely be my pet.  I maintain, however, that it is on her merit that she's achieved that place in my heart.  Standing O, as usual, Lupita!

Onto another "It" girl:  Emma Stone.  I love that this girl does not shy from a bold choice.  To her absolute fashion credit, I think this Elie Saab will continue to pay dividends:

Emma Oscars 2015Shall we call this color chartreuse?  It is odd and wonderful and ever-so-pleasing with her red hair and orange lip.  This look screams GLAMOUR  and was a perfect choice for the red carpet and ceremony.  And for getting her groove on, this Monique Lhuillier is SPOT on for the after party:

Emma After partyStanding O for both looks!

And now witness Naomi Watts in Armani Prive:

Naomi_Watts This dress delights me on so many levels:  the black/silver, the beading, the unexpected bandeau at the back! It's modern and sophisticated and glamorous.  In short, she NAILED it.  Standing O for sure!

There is one last look that I'd like to bring forward.  I've long had a suspicion that DIOR is like a jealous lover who lures in beautiful women with gorgeous gifts and then as soon as the marriage (i.e. contract) is complete, the oppression begins.  We've witnessed this persecution with Jennifer Lawrence and now again with Marion Cotillard:

marion cotillard

Does DIOR think that if they trap these beauties and force them to wear weird dresses, no other label will have them?  I can't think of another explanation for the above besides just plain cruelty.  Hell No, Dior.  Marion, you are off the hook as I consider you a P.O.F. (Prisoner of Fashion).