NY Fashion Week F/W 2015: A Play-At-Home Game

Tracy Reese 2015My husband and his best friend, Rob, are long-time friends with the Impractical Jokers.  Recently we all went to see their live show, which in addition to being hysterical, gave me two great ideas.  One:  I need to style the Jokers.   Two:  Maybe the Jokers would bring to life a game that I like to play during New York Fashion Week (happening right now!)  called:  Club, Snub, or Grub.  Basically, how far would I go to attain a runway piece I have fallen in love with:  Would I club someone?  Snub someone?  Grub something gross?  Let's play!  I adore the poppy and black coat by Tracy Reese pictured above.  For it to be mine, I think I'd show up at a friend's birthday party, toss my coat in her face, drink all her booze, and leave without saying thank you or good-bye.  Yes, THE SNUB.  (The next day I'd send apology flowers and explain it was all a charade to get this coat, and she would understand, but that isn't really part of this game.)  

Altuzarra 2015 For the Altuzarra sweater and frilled-pocket skirt above, I think I'd join my friend, Robert Sietsema, for a meeting of the Organ Meat Society of which he is a long time member.  The only apologies necessary would be to my own stomach but that pain would certainly be soothed as soon as I donned this outfit.  A classic example of THE GRUB.


Jason Wu 2015Watch your backs, dear readers, because I might be convinced to take a marble rolling pin to any one of you in order to attain even the least of the looks that Jason Wu just sent down the runway.  I am particularly bewitched by the above use of this sumptuous fur stole but want it in every incarnation (witness another beguiling use below).  Beware, then, of THE CLUB.

Jason Wu 2 2015

And there you have it, folks:  Club, Snub, or Grub.  You can play for the remainder of NY Fashion Week!  Let me know what you'd do for your favorite pieces or, better yet, I'll just hunker down for your sneak attack!