Standing O, Hell No, or So So: The 2015 Grammys

beyonce-grammys-2015-4630297241-419x577Prince Humperdinck famously said to the Princess in The Princess Bride, "Please consider me as an alternative to suicide."; And so do the 2015 Grammy dresses say to their wearers.  To me the dresses being lauded as the "best" were not fashion suicide but neither were they the equivalent of fashion's eternal life.  Take Beyonce (above) in Proenza Schouler.  She looks pretty, if a tad witchy, but she is MUSIC ROYALTY, people!  She should be blowing our minds on music's biggest night of the year.  Why is this gown not red or orange or purple?!  In black, despite her sexy curves, this feels too Morticia Addams for my taste.  Ergo:  So-So.  

Rihanna_Grammys_2015Today fashion folks are tripping all over themselves (as I imagine Rihanna must've been doing in this voluminous Giambattista Valli) to herald this as a fashion triumph.  The color and texture are charming in the extreme but, to me, she looks like a cross between a bath puff and a Barbie cake topper.  I do like that she went BIG, however, as the night demands but this runway piece did not strike the right chord (musical pun intended) for this event.  Therefore:  So-So.


Katy_Grammys_2015Onto Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad.  This is a bit confounding because, again, this is the Grammys.  This is the event where people trot our their CRAZY.  And who, at the moment, proffers crazy like it is her job (because it quite literally IS HER JOB)?  Katy of course!  She dances with sharks, she wears lollipop bras, she considers a pepperoni pizza onesie a great night-on-the-town outfit!  But at the GRAMMYS she wears a staid (for her) dress?!?  I concede that her body looks sumptuous and I covet her shoes but I wanted some entertainment value and was not obliged.  At the risk of sounding redundant:  So-So.

Ditto for Nicki in Tom Ford:

Nicki-Minaj-at-Grammys-2015-195376You guessed it:  So-So.

Let's evaluate our last look:


Taylor Swift in Elie Saab put forward the one look that I am still pondering (in a good way) today.  I have never endorsed the high/low be it in hairstyles or dresses.  But the execution on this one was so perfect that I am tempted to rethink my position.  The color is magnificent (bonus points for the ombre turn), the bodice with side straps divine, the pairing with purple shoes delicious, and the stiff folds of the longer skirt marvelous.  The mini center skirt gives me pause as it is a shade of Demi Moore at the Oscars all those years ago, but for the Grammys, I think it works.  And she is working IT which makes it a sweeter pill.  I can't quite bring myself to a Standing O but neither is she a mere So-So.  Let's give her a round of applause (whilst still seated) and call it a day.