Less Is Morgan (or Dress for Success on a Budget)

ElieLong time readers of my blog know that I worked for Goldman Sachs.  Twice.  And it was there that I began styling.  I got hired, in large part, because I can do complex math equations like this: Smart folks who need to look polished but have no time to think about their wardrobe + $ = Wardrobe Whisperer

WW is almost 8 years old now (my have you grown!) and although I have clients who do just about everything, my specialty remains wardrobing folks in finance.  Of late, my Morgan Stanley set has been most active.  They have even innovated to invite me to produce a few fashion events for the firm.  (A round of applause!) Last Thursday, first year Analysts (and a few Associates and VPs) joined me at Elie Tahari in SoHo.  That equation looked like this:

Bubbly + Snacks + Discounts + Gift bags + Elie gift card + Free styling + A presentation given by yours truly on How to Dress for Success on a Budget = A Magnificent Evening

Snap shot please:

Morgan Event_1.15The salient points included How To:

- Build a core wardrobe around high quality, versatile/classic suiting that will grow with you throughout your career

- Think creatively about wearing suiting (think: separating the jacket and wearing it like a blazer)

- Keep core suiting looking fresh by incorporating a variety of tops (think:  different fabrics, cuts, textures, colors and patterns)

- Create visual interest with jewelry (think: alternating between statement and delicate pieces as well as mixing them together)

- Use other accessories like shoes and hosiery to create alternate looks

The evening was a success considering almost every girl found something that suited her (pun intended!).  Looking forward to our next event on March 5!