Standing O, Hell No, or So So: SAG Awards 2015

lupita-nyongo-sag-awards-2015-462197310-390x600And the Red Carpet parade marched on last night with the SAG Awards!   I've never used this phrase with more conviction than when talking about red carpet gowns:  The more, the merrier!  Let's begin with PERFECTION (above):  Lupita Nyong'o in Elie Saab.  This is an amalgamation of all things I love in a gown: drama, print, color, perfect fit, long sleeves, and uniqueness.  Lupita comports herself in such a refined and elegant manner and this gown compliments those attributes along with her sensational beauty.  STANDING O for this look - it was my favorite of the evening.  Onto another stunner: rashida-jones-sag-awards-2015-462191694-419x622I have long considered what would come out of my mouth if I was interviewing stars on the carpet and I've concluded that I'd be too nervous to produce anything of substance.  I don't think, however, that I would say what a TBS interviewer said to Rashida: "You look so TAN!"  Dear friends, Rashida's father is Quincy Jones.  In any case, Standing O, Rashida, for looking magnificent in this graceful gown.  And bonus points for your perfect red lips.

Witness Reese Witherspoon in Armani and Viola Davis in custom Max Mara as they join the sisterhood-of-stunning-white-awards-season-dresses-2015:

reese_SAG_2015viola davis_SAG_2015Standing O, radiant ones!

And who can resist a red head in a green dress?  Certainly not me and certainly not when said red head is Julianne Moore in a Givenchy this utterly magnificent:

Julianne Moore_SAG_2015By the by, girlfriend is likely feeling the gravity of winning that Oscar for many reasons, one of which is that the fashion houses have been spooning out their very best for her this season.  Either way, Standing O!

Now onto THEE most polarizing look of the night.  I know that as someone in fashion, I am supposed to LOVE IT.  It's Dior couture!  It's a RISK!  I get it.  And I respect it.  But do I love it?  No.  Does this mean that she did not look gorgeous?  No.  Does this mean that her overall look failed miserably?  No.  Does this mean that when I saw her in LA this summer, I didn't nearly eject myself from a moving car in order to see her more closely?  Certainly not.  But it does mean that she gets a So-So.  Beautiful hair and make-up and overall polished presentation but a MEH on the dress/blazer-skirt.  Sorry, fashion world, I am a non-conformist on this one: