Standing O or Hell No: Critics' Choice Awards 2015

Diane_Kruger_CCA_2015Brace yourself, people, awards season is upon us.  For me, this is just a merry extension of the holidays:  an excuse to indulge in food and drink and comment critically on the outfits of others. This year's Critics' Choice Movie Awards was a delightful parade of pretty patterns.  Let's begin with my favorite of the night, this Naeem Khan, worn by Diane Kruger (above).  Despite the fact that my mom recently bought two side table lamps for her guest bedroom in this exact pattern, this gown registers as a SUCCESS in my mind.  It's bold, yet feminine and I love how the sleek front is juxtaposed with the voluminous back.  Also it matches the carpet.  Also, the length is perfection.  Standing O, Diane!

Onto another delicious pattern worn by Brie Larson:

Brie_Larson_CCA_2015The length of this gown does not meet the floor with the precision that Diane's does but the overall effect of this dress is divine.  Bonus points for how tiny her waist looks cinched by that darling black bow belt.  Standing O!

Ah, hell, it's Monday- let's look at one more luscious pattern.  Emma, you're up:

Emma_Stone_CCA_2015This one is incredibly exciting to me because it is day-dress-gone-glam.  In my imagination the keyholes, the necktie, and the pattern conferred to add several yards of fabric to their skirt while at the same time creating an uneven and dramatic train.  Standing O for the real life genius who created this, Jason Wu, and to Emma Stone for bringing it to life.

Clearly I am feeling magnanimous today because I'm skipping the Hell No and going for yet another Standing O.  Back to the white gowns ala this year's Golden Globes.  Here is Lupita BRINGING IT, as Kate Hudson just did, in a white form fitting stunner:

Lupita_CCA_2015I know that the top of this looks like it could be worn on the courts at Wimbeldon but somehow this athletic look appears modern and fresh on her.  The fit is tremendous and her skin looks radiant against the crisp white. Come to think of it, I'd love to play tennis with Lupita although given the condition her arms/shoulders appear to be in, I don't think I'd fare very well.