Standing O or Hell No: Golden Globes 2015

rosamund-pike-golden-globes-2015-461349788-419x630You know what I always say...better never than late.  Now twirl:  

rosamund-pike-golden-globes-2015_2I can't decide if the inverse thong bikini on Rosamund Pike's back is better or worse than the ill fitted V on her chest.  I consider it a subtle form of torture to choose and so I leave it up to you.  On fit alone she receives a Hell No.

By contrast, let's glimpse another look, also in white, that receives a Standing O almost solely due to fit:

kate-hudson-golden-globes-2015-461363232-419x630I'm not in love with Kate Hudson's hair (too tight for her ears) or make-up (too heavy brows) and the gown is pretty simple as gowns go, but the perfect fit (and the perfect body of course) makes this look a stone cold stunner.

My favorite overall look of the night, though, was a bit of a dark horse.  Many people weren't in love with this Versace on Jessica Chastain, but I beg to differ (I also beg to look like her but that's another matter):

Jessica Chastain_GoldenGlobes_2015The bronze color is stunning with her hair, the fit is marvelous, and the cut dramatic.  I applaud her for playing the old-Hollywood-glamour card since she's usually more of a pert and pretty girl.  Standing O, Jessica Chastain!