Welcome Back (Agent) Carter

photo(3)Happy 2015!  We are five days in and, so far, my deepest thoughts have revolved around making a new year's resolution.  First and foremost I realize that it has to be tenable.  I've always known my limitations when it comes to these sorts of commitments:  As a kid I would give up broccoli for Lent.  With that in mind, I've resolved to commit to a new TV series.  This isn't as easy as it seems given that even the big guns (Homeland, The Wire, Breaking Bad) have not captured my interest for long.  But I think that I'm ready to step up to Agent Carter which premieres tomorrow at 8pm EST on ABC. Marvel has smartly decided to bring back Agent Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell) as a post WWII spy.  Another enticing feature is that it costars the handsome guy to my right in the above photo:  Enver Gjokaj, who I wardrobed this summer.

Okay, who am I trying to kid?  Given the collective beauty of the cast and the 1940s fashion, it probably IS as easy as it seems.  I, for one, happily resolve to find out.