My Halls Got Decked at Marshalls

photo(3)The day before we were set to get our tree, I realized I was woefully short on Christmas ornaments.  In a panic, I rushed to Marshall's Home Goods store to fill in the blanks.  Then I got my own blanks filled in when the twin of the ceiling display pictured here disengaged from the rafters and fell, thanks to Murphy's Law, directly on my head.  It's difficult to understand scale from this photo (the biggest circle was about 3.5' in diameter) and it's also tough to see that the circles are affixed to a piece of wood that's about 4'x4".  The wood part was what caught my face.  The good news was that the circles were surprisingly light! My immediate thought was where are The Impractical Jokers as my husband is a long-time friend of those boys.  But the only person I spotted was a woman staring slack-jawed at me and telling me she was going to stay right where she was in case I needed a "witness."  Being a seasoned shopper, I took all of this in stride.  The impact did black me out for a few seconds but that's nothing compared to injuries I've sustained at Barney's Warehouse Sale.

Moments after the incident I was ushered aside by a manager who collected details and apologized profusely.  Frankly I would've preferred action to words as I had a basket worth of $500+ in merchandise.  However, no discount was forthcoming.  So the moral of this story is when you are bashed in the head with a large ceiling display and the manager comes to make reparation, do NOT lead, as I did, with the following words, "Don't worry, I'm not going to sue you."  Dear friends, at least keep him guessing so you get the discount your bruised face and cut hand deserve.