Now You See It, Now You...Still See It

vicsecfashionshow2014The willing suspension of disbelief is a tricky proposition for me.  Usually I am not up for it (The Alchemist, Broadway shows, David Copperfield).  But sometimes, I'm totally game!  Take the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show which took place last week, for instance.  Thongs and wings?  Absolutely!!  Corsets and thigh-high laser cut butterfly boots?  You bet!!  But what, pray tell, is happening in the above photo?  Victoria, if I may invoke your name, what are we to believe, or to disbelieve as the case may be, here?  Are majorettes parading the Red Light District in the winter?  Has the Abominable Snowman eaten Little Red Riding Hood and also stolen the wolf's disguise?  I'm at a loss.  And so I will treat you to the back of the ensemble because when all else fails, you can always score bonus points for a perfect tush and this is one for the record books: vicsecfashionshow2014_2The end.  Literally.